Hi.I’m New here. And I’d like to be healed!

Hi everyone

I’m new here. And I chance upon this site when I was trying to find some miracle happenings online, as I really am longing for a miracle now.

I’ve had a sudden hearing loss over 3 months ago, I was on medication and steroids but it didnt help. The docs said there’s nothing I can do about it, and I will have to be deaf on my left ear the rest of my life. Despite the docs giving up hope on me, I am still looking for other alternatives like going through acupunctures and using essential oils, and I’m considering homeopathy right now too. I’m still holding on to faith that God will heal me, and let me hear again on my left ear.

It’s been tough the past 3 months with me being deaf on my left plus the ringing in my left ear and “popping” sound on my right ear too. Sometimes it’s hard to just sleep at night. Moreover, I love music, and I”m working in the music industry now. with my situation, I have not been attending concerts, showcases and all which is part of my job, as I really wanna look after my right ear now.


I am really praying for a miracle to hear again on my left ear. And I really hope that you guys here can pray for me.


It means the world to me and it will truely be the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me if I can be healed and if I can hear on my left again. I’ve seen videos of people being healed for various illness etc, and I would like to be one of them who can be healed too.


Thank you!

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