Hi from Smiler

Just thought I’d pop on and introduce myself.  I joined here only this morning and, since then, have had an amazing experience.  I read about being baptized in the Holy Spirit, followed what it said when I prayed and, unbelievably, I can now speak in tongues!


To say I am gobsmacked is an understatement.  I walked up to pre-school to collect my son and talked in tongues the whole time.  Our church is right by the pre-school so I popped in to see if the pastor was in – he was so we had a chat.  He asked me if I wanted to pray so I just said ‘praise the Lord, Amen’, he started to pray in tongues and then I was off again – all these funny noises coming from me.  It was MAGICAL!!!  


This afternoon I have been asking myself is it real or did I just want it so much I sort of made it up?  I know this isn’t the case – it is a gift, a wonderful gift.


I have suffered from depression since 2003 and been on antidepressants (still am).  However since I became a Christian in February 2009 and found my wonderful church and pastor I have a new meaning in life.  Sure I have had hard times, but I’ve kept going.  Only in July I was stood at church in floods of tears with the pastor outside counselling me and a couple of days later he anointed me.  However since then I have found a new inner confidence and am thriving.


I am reading a lovely book called ‘9 o’clock in the morning’ which is all about baptism in the Holy Spirit.  I have only recently started it and thought I want some of that so I can pray easier and it will enhance my relationship with God.  I searched on the internet to get ideas and this was the first site I came to.  The rest is history.


Goodness, sorry I didn’t mean to ramble but it all came out!  I look forward to getting to know all of you and sharing experiences together.


Smiler 🙂

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