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In Acts 5, when it talks about the man and women who sold property, and fell down dead, it was because of what Jesus said in Matthew 19:21 to the man who wanted to follow him, and Jesus told him to sell everything and give the money to the poor. Thats because the previous life of a person wasnt right in the eyes of God, and everything they earned from that life wasnt from God, So in starting over they would give everything they had to the church, learning a new life would start over knowing everything belonged to God. Even Jesus said in the temple to give to God what is God’s, and to the ceaser what it his, but the main point here is what laws people place over themselves.


What i like to tell everyone, tying to be reasonalbe with them, is how to live life. It doesnt take a briliant scientist to figure out that life is stressfull, and we tend to not want the stress’s of everyday life. I feel for many as they strugle with life, and sin. So i teach them the basics of life, and thats pretty much the role we play in life. If we are male our role in life is different than a female, and our primary role is to serve God first, which is easy said, but not done. As a male our secondary purpose is work to support our needs, as we learn and grow to be able to take care of ourselves first. Then as a male figure, we not only invest in the things of God, we invest in ourselves so that we may have a house, a car, the things we need for a family. Then when he is ready for marrige, he will have the tools for a succesfull life. In a sinfull world there are to many people who want your money, and its a matter of who your willing to give it to or let take from you. Loans of money are for fools, saving up only takes three years of life to buy a house, and a little over one for a car. Living paycheck to paycheck isnt for the family man because this is to stressfull and causes to much grief on the family, and leads to divorce. Though the mans role is to provide, it isnt up to the man to provide everything. The main things here is a roof over the head, transportation, food and clothes, but not without saying this doesnt have to be brand new. Everything over and beyond this is because that is what everyone else wants from you, no different than those who want your money, and its a matter of who your willing to give it to. For the most part everything else is up to those who want it out of life, and not because they feel you owe them something.


A man can be smart and make arrangments with friends to have their children work for them for what they want, and in this way a child will not feel you owe them anything for any reason. This also helps them grow and understand life. When doing things with the family, its never a good idea to play games, but instead do activitys together. This reasoning is because if the dad buys a game, and the child will want to play with it, and if the parents ask questions, the leadership role is shot down. This goes for all family members. If a family member has special interests, then their is always family time to show off those skills, not without saying they earned this on their own, and besides you dont want your children to pester for attention. This gives time to grow tallent from someone who can teach it, and avoids bad critisism because of the pestering. There has to be a time and a place for everything, because without it, there would be no managment of anything. Its not about being controling, its about doing what needs to be done, so you can do things with the family. A famale doesnt like a guy that wishy washy and wont stick to his guns, and she will like you the more durring the time your able to spend with her.


Its much better to home school your children for several reasons. For one they will learn much, much more reading the entire books instead of just what someone is getting paid to do. For another your children wont have the influences on them from the other children. Which lead to beging through envey and desire of wanting to be someone special for more attention, this because of the lack of parent guidance, then the lack of parent guidance because of divorce and sending them to school as a day care. Our society has gotten away from the family so other can make money from it.


The problems may have all started with the family because of special interest groups, who want to make money and influence us through the media to vote certain ways. But whatever the cause, their are no incentives for familys trying to stay together, only incentives for ones pulling apart. So there may be a need to regenerate the family through thought and make some changes in our society, and maybe that can come in the form of no property taxes on family homes if the parents home school their children, then maybe changing the laws with cars so that they have to towe it to your house.


The role of a women is different than a mans, as men and women dont only not look alike, they dont think alike. This meaning through genetics, and Gods creation that he designed us to think differently because of our purpose in life. Not to many people know that God created us in his image, but men in general are, though its by choice of what we do with it. Men from the time of Adam have been duplicated in that image, and women from Eave. The only way a man and women can get along is through manners, and role play. If a women believes its all about her, and she is only doing it for herself, then she is going to expect everything for herself, and just throw out the marrige part. Its a two way street unless you put the role play into action, that seperates that.


The best thing a women can do for herself, is to find a guy that she can support. Not some underage guy laying around playing games, being critical of everyone else. This means a man who has done the above mentioned things, there being a differance in what you get out of your efforts in supporting a man, and the wong man will not put things you need first. Theres a differance between what a women wants and needs, but what she needs is what she is looking for. There being two different kinds of support, one in what we need to live and the other in backing someone up. A good women never needs to be backed up, because she is where she is needed the most.


The problems of today, and what we see going on is because the family has been torn down. With the men seperated from the women and children the men are forced to pay out. So if your not getting what you need as a women out of life, its because you have been lead to believe you deserve everying given to you, and you dont have to earn anything for yourself. That men are child beaters, and womenizers, when in fact they are being vicumized along with you. If women are not getting what they need, then niether are the men. Sure there are bad people who want to use others, both men and women. But there are a lot more man and women out there who want to be married and cant find anyone because of being fed up with things. Money is the root of all evil, and debt the root of the unforgiving.


Peace and love in Jesus name.



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