I dont know where to start…… I have had my problem for over 2 years and no-one believes me not even the Vicars that i have seen, not even my own family and friends. I have prayed and fasted over and over again all to no avail. I have tried all types of prayers including the 7 prayer of deliverance. Oh well here goes……….
one night i had a very strange urge to ride my motorbike at midnight so i went to my bedroom window to check on my bike and i found it lying on the road. So i thought to myself that my guardin spirit had tried to warn me. So i started to pray to this spirit for more information and a picture formed in my mind a large white van driving past my motorbike with 2 men in the van both starring at my bike as they drove past. I still wasnt satisfied with this answer so i fetched a glass and placed it on my living room table and started to ask for more help, the glass filled up with a blue smoke and in shock i lifted this up from the table. The next 3 months strange things started happening in my house, the doors would bang repeatedly and the lights would come on, the fire alarm would go off and i would see a black swirling mist in front of my lamps. Then one night a voice awoke i the middle of the night shouting my name, this was coming from the darkest corner of my bedroom. The next morning i deceided to smash all my glasses as i did not know which i had used on the table, as i smashed the third glass i felt a whoosh go past my face and then a tap on my back. That night i went to bed and i felt so scared, my heart was beating really fast and i felt really sick, so i phoned my sister and she agreed to let me stay at her house for the night. I slept on the settee and in the middle on the night i was awoken and i found that i couldnt move and then something started talking to me, it said ebbie jebbies, ebbie jebbies, ebbie jebbies. The next morning my sisiter said that she could feel something touching her face in the night. The following night i was back at home and i couldnt understand how this ghost could have followed me to my sisters and then it dawned on me that it could be inside me. So i said the Lords prayer and a lump of air started to rise up my throat it was about the size of a golf ball. The next day i bought a Rosary and placed it around my neck and said the Lords prayer but when i got to the end and said Amen the cross fell off, i mended the Rosary and tried again but the cross fell off again when getting to the end of the prayer, this happened 3 times. I went to see a Vicar who arranged for me to see a specaiist ( a Reverand in Derby – UK) and she prayed over me and the spirit left me. I went home feeling amazing but as it got towards night time i could feel something watching me, i turned around and i could see nothing but i could ‘feel’ a large black man sized shape stood behind me and then i started to gulp air involuntary down my throat and then i knew it was back inside me. I know that it must have some sort of legal right to be in me, some unforgiven sin or some sort of hook. This is a very short version of my story, i have found that it feeds off my misery and if i cry i find that i will pay a price i will suffer with very bad images in my mind at night, followed by horrific nightmares and then when i awake i will be frozen and then spoke to etc. i was not a Christain before this happened and had not even been Baptised. Now i have been Baptised and confirmed and i read and listen to the bible every day and i go to Church when i can. I love Jesus with all my heart and pray every day and fast when i can. I am NOT scared of this thing, it is WEAK to feed off my misery and has NO power unless it gains it from me, i hate it and I want to be free with all my heart. Please pray for my deliverance, God bless you all, from Shaun, a warrior, a priest and a King for God.

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