Hell is real – evangelize while there is still time.

We need a Saviour because of our own free will we have broken God’s Holy Laws. Putting other things before God, making a god of our own imagination, dishonoring the name of Jesus, breaking the Sabbath, dishonoring our parents, stealing, hating, committing adultery (in our hearts at least), lying about others and loving money – we have broken every one of God’s commandments.

Jesus died to take the punishment and rose again, so that those who repent and believe could escape the judgment on sin and know God’s love and favor instead. Whoever wants to know the truth earnestly will be guided to this knowledge. We need to realise how urgent it is to spread the message of God’s way of forgiveness and new life – before it is too late.

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Michael is the founder of Christian faith dot come, a site about Jesus. He came to save the lost. Bible teaching, Testimonies, Salvation, Prayer, Faith, Networking.

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