Health problems for 20+ years

I’m 47. On top of my FMS, CFS, osteoarthritis, osteopenia, mild scoliosis, sciatica, hypothyroidism and menopause…I now have Skin Cancer (squamous, basal, keratosis), skin necrosis, dna damage, nerve damage, dead and gone oil, sweat and sebaceous glands, etc, etc. I would like to ask anyone to pray for healing for me.
I’m ‘at the end of my rope’ now and even though death seems like it would be a tremendous relief, I have responsibilities that I cannot abandon.

I can’t remember what date I put my prayer request on here, but it is now Dec. 9th. Some of my health problems have actually started to fade away. I’m sleeping better at night and the pain in my body has eased-up. The only ‘thing’ I can attribute this to is God…and your prayers for me. THANK YOU! I am eternally grateful for all the prayers and advice as it seems to be working. I felt so lost and hopeless as it’s been so long since I’ve felt well and I could immediately feel the difference because of it.

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