Healed of Rheumatic Fever

I was just a little girl of 11 when my life with God began, It was also the beginning of my life after a doctor pronounced a death sentence on me.

I had come down with a sickness that,at the time it, was virtually an unknown illness and very little was known on how to treat it. The name of it was: Rheumatic Fever. Anyway out of desperation my parents bundled me up and took me to church. I could not do anything on my own, talking was out, moving was out, I just could not do anything like other children.

But that night was an unforgettable night and the beginning of something wonderful. They told me later that I was in the appearance of being dead. But while I was in that state I heard my Lord calling to me. He picked me up and actually carried me about His beautiful garden. In the end of that journey I was more then just healed I was the child of a King and He has been with me ever sence. He promised that if I would follow Him that everything I attempted to do He would cause it to be a sucsses If it was His will and nothing could destroy it. And from that day to this day He has been faithful to His word.

There is a lot more to this story but I could only tell you the highlights at this time.

May the good Lord bless and keep you.

Ps. I nearly forgot to tell you that I and my entire family was saved that night except for the one who was married and away from home. At last I could do everything that other 11 year olds could do. God’s blessings on all of you.

Your loving friend, Irene (gdubois@i2k.com)

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