Healed of Painful Paralysis through Fasting and Faith in Christ

For five months my arm and leg
were partially paralyzed and I was in
much pain. I prayed that God would
heal me and decided to go to the Full
Gospel Prayer Mountain, a place I
have visited many times since.
After praying and fasting for one
week, God completely healed me. I
continued to fast and pray for about ten days in
thanksgiving for the miracle God had wrought in my

Before this time, I had experienced great pain in my
womb for seven years and had developed serious trouble. Four times I almost submitted to major surgery,
and each time I changed my mind and refused the
operation, the pain seemed to subside. The doctors insisted that I could live only if I had this operation; but
through the power of God I was healed. I do not know
how to thank Him for all His goodness to me.
Wherever I go, I share the gospel of Christ.

Until the day before I was healed, I worried a lot
about my problem. But as I prayed that last night God
gave me the answer. “They that wait upon the Lord
shall renew their strength.” I wept and thanked God
for His mercies. I have learned that if we are patient
and do not doubt, but will ask in faith, believing, God
will truly answer.

-Won Kyo Kim

8-9 Whayang Dong, Sungdong Ku


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