Praise The Lord

Thank you Father for answering my prayer and healing me.


I was going through menstrual problem from past 8 months. I did all my blood tests and ultrasounds, all reports were normal, still the gynae gave me some medicines and nothing worked, I kept going to the doctor from past 8 months and they kept telling me, everything was all right with me medically and there should not be a problem with my periods, they would not believe me, that the flow was scanty.


I am hindu by religion, although a friend took me to the church Last week, Sister prayed to cast out all demons away from my body and she gave me a bible and taught me how to pray. i have been reading the bible from a week now and pray all the time. 


Just day before yesterday night, I prayed to father to make my periods normal, and I am healed completely the next day itself, It is a miracle, as all doctors said, there is nothing wrong with me, however I was seeing problems, and I praise the Lord, to heal me and listen to my prayer and show this miracle.


Thank you jesus



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