Having Children Equals Prosperity

The current fertility rate in Australia is 1.797 children per couple and the figure in the Church is about the same. But the Bible promises that God’s people ought to be blessed with fertility ABOVE the unbelievers. Would you consider it a blessing if you had a large family? Well consider the following:

Let’s say a couple have five children beginning at age 21, then each of their children and grandchildren have five children beginning when they’re 21, and so on. Assuming each person lives between 70 and 80 years, in approximately 100 years the original couple will have multiplied into 625 families and a total of 4,678 people. Imagine the influence for good that this many people can have in its community – all from just one couple.

It can begin to influence the community’s society, religion, politics, education, commerce, media and arts, etc.

Now consider what will happen if every newly married couple in the Australian Assemblies of God has five children. Based on current figures, in approximately 100 years there would be 2,015,625 families and a total of 16,366,875 members – without even factoring-in church growth through evangelism.

If all of Australia’s Evangelicals/Protestants become the top 20% most fertile women in the country, in the second generation half of Australia’s children will be from those Evangelical/Protestant families.

Fertility is one of the most effective ways for Christians to influence their clan, village, tribe, nation and the world.

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