Having a bad day

This dec 2011, we will celebrate Christmas,many will give gifts and some will see relatives,and some will party,as it has been for a long while.Many forget the reason why ! Jesus the Son of God came to his own but his own family recieved him not, The more he tried to help them the more angry they become, They wanted their King to come in power and great glory to destoy their enemies not to save them from hell fire. For 3.5 years he blessed them with healings and miracles only to be mocked and hated. He feed 5000,yet when they beat him and hung him on a cross,where was the 5000 then.He was carrying such pressure knowing what was to happen to him(after all he was flesh also) his sweat was as great drops of blood.(talk about pressure). Everyone turned their back on him when a little support would have gone a long way. And even today he is hated and man tries to wipe his name off the face of the earth(his own creation). If we get a parking ticket we are ready to go to war, or if a sale at the mall comes up,heaven forbid if the items we are looking for is a limited supply. People camped out in the cold for a cellphone all night,but won/t take 30 minutes to give thanks, I also wonder,Will he find faith when he comes back? Wonder which will sell the most for Christmas ,bibles or beer and wine. As the writers have said,Come quickly Lord Jesus!

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