God’s love & fire

We can grow up trying to find love in all the wrong places, when in reality we are seeking to find God’s Divine Love. Our souls’ are seeking the truth but we have many hindrances. Being bought up in a natural imperfect and sinful world, we are carrying baggage in our soul. Hurt, pain, confusion, bitterness..
We have never seen Divine love, maybe we have had glimpses, but we have never seen Divine heavenly love shed abroad in our lives, until Jesus came and entered our hearts.
When Jesus entered our heart’s and lives, we manifested one of the greatest transformations that has ever taken place and ever about to take place. The Divine Love of God manifesting in and through carnal man, only made possible because of what Christ Jesus has done in His death and resurrection. Christ Jesus living in us has awakened our spirit through Himself to our heavenly Father, a blind spirit into a spirit of life that can see truth and have a real spiritual relationship with Him.

What takes place now though, is a purging of the soul so that it can now be ruled by our newly resurrected spirit, which is ruled by our Saviour, Holy Spirit and our Holy God. This process is called by many as ‘The dark night of the soul’, ‘The wilderness’ or a ‘crisis of faith’.

‘When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don’t throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer.’ [Corrie Ten Boom]

With a living holy God abiding in us, and His light shining in our inner man, through, and into our sensual soul or lower soul, it is like a Holy fire purging us clean. If you can imagine a log burning in a fire, first the heat, and then the bark being burnt, and the log being burned before it is consumed by the fire, you can see an analogy of what happens to us as maturing Christian’s. While we are blackened we feel unworthy and undeserving of God’s grace, it is hard to pray and be spiritual, it can feel like God has left us. But it is this fire, God’s light shining through the arid regions of the inner man, putting the sensual soul to the subjection of our spirit where God dwells and eventually the soul is consumed or made subject to God’s Spirit in us, by God’s holy fire or you could say His divine love.

A question to ask ourselves here is, “are we still building pyramids in Egypt?”, and, If we are not of this world, then, is the world out of us? We have been freed from bondage, but are we travelling through this arid wilderness to the promised land?. Are we there yet, I don’t know many people who are, we are working out our salvation in fear(reverence) and trembling. Staying on the difficult path and going through the narrow gate.
As I understand, lot’s of people don’t make it, and lot’s don’t even begin to let the Lord have all of their heart, their pain, hurt, confusion, and bitterness, or their secret sin’s.
I personally have had very good counsel and teaching(Elijah House Ministries Australia) on my journey of this ‘dark night’ or ‘wilderness’, it has seemed to go on forever, and the feelings that I relied upon to know that God is with me, are not important any-more, as my heart and soul now understands ‘He will never leave me or forsake me’, because as I am working out my salvation, it is He who is doing it. I am His responsibility, I am His child. Nothing and nobody can snatch me out of His hand, even if it feels like He is a million miles away from me.
He is still good, even when the storms of life are throwing everything against you. When people don’t want to know you, or, you feel oppressed, or finances are bad. As we walk through the wilderness, He will prove Himself over and over again, feeding you, clothing you, sheltering you, and if not we still can trust Him. St.Paul says he learned to be content with much and little.
Yes, I have walked through depression, stress, fear, anxiety, sorrow, poverty and grief, but to know within me that He has done a work deep within and transformed my relationship with Him to be a relationship based on reverence and His love and not my needs, makes it all worth it. He has swaddled me as a babe, and weaned me from His breast, and put me down to walk. It is He who guides my steps, and feeds me everyday with what I need and not what I want, He has my mouth and faculties for His Glory and not my own ends, and it is no different for you. Praise God.
Looking to please our heavenly Father, and not looking for acceptance from people of this world, and put our dreams and expectations to the cross, that we carry into adulthood from our youth, and let let the Lord resurrect them in His perfect way and time. So, then let’s look at doing God’s work, and I believe we will be more content. Not with striving and performance, that is a burden we picked up and learned in Egypt, while journeying through the wilderness we lose that burden because we don’t need it in the Promised Land.

Are we free of Egypt(The world), going through the wilderness, headed to the promised land?
Is His Divine Love purifying our souls, not by our own works, but by us yielding to His love and purifying fire?

Blessings, Dan

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