God uses even homosexual prostitutes

Yes, folks, it has come to this, that our Sovereign God has seen fit to use a homosexual prostitute to help bring discernment and truth to His own church. And He has done it in the most public way.

This is actually the mercy of God. Without this kind of exposure it is questionable whether the church would have ever had the courage to deal with such issues. For we all know, that to VOLUNTEER such information generally spells death to our religious careers, the financial and lifestyle benefits we enjoy as “senior servants of God”. The price of being authentic in the power-driven pentecostal mega-church world is high for the sexual sinner. Of course, if we are in bed with the political beasts of the day, that is quite another matter.

This should be a wake-up call to us all. It has been said that we should pray for our pastors. I totally agree. Many pastors are too busy to pray much for themselves, and prayer is lightly esteemed in the eyes of many. It is not prayer, but administrative prowess and people skills that help to bring you to the top in today’s ecclesiastical jungle, and many times we servants of God want power and influence more than we want the Spirit of Truth. So we need to pray more for our leaders. The higher you rise in influence the more dangerous the demons are that you need to fight.

I think we should pray that God will clear the rot out as thoroughly as possible. Let confessions be full. And pray that the top evangelical leaders will be willing to confess why they could not discern what was going on by the Spirit of God, or if they could, why nothing could be done about it until a male homosexual prostitute came to our rescue.

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