God to establish my messy family

I need someone to pray for me. As I write this email, I am in tears.
1.I have been unemployed for the last 5 years beside the fact that I am qualified. every Job offer/contract is being cancelled the last minute. I have been depending on friends and relatives. They are tired and I am fully in debts. I am crying because my son who just turned 12 years told me that most of his friends are aetheist and do not struggle the way we do. He would rather be an an aetheist and get everything he wants rather than pray and be poor. I know I serve a God who is faithful, the God of Elijah. Can someone pray with me.

2. I need my family together. We are always living apart not because we want. My husband was denied USA visa and I had to stay with the kids alone. I joined him in UK and immediately I arrived, his visa was cancelled. This has devasted us and especially the kids. I just need God to establish us. Gods word does not say that families should stay apart. I have refused to accept this.

3. There is spiritual wickedness in my mothers backyard. My brothers and inlaws are involved in very high level of witchcraft. They do not like my presence and have vowed to have me and my family dead. Pray the blood of Jesus to erase all this and that they may get salvation for Gods glory.

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