God speaks to me!!

God is good, God is great! Praise God almighty! I went to church and God spoke to me through the pastor and the wife of the pastor. While we were singing I kept thinking God is this it is this where my faith ends please God don’t let me fall help God help me God. Then the pastor in the middle of singing got up and said” the Lord has placed in my heart there are people here who are tired, can’t go any further who are having a crisis in their heart. This is what the Lord says ‘ Come to me and do not trust in your own reasoning and thinking come to me Listen to my voice.’ (Something like that). When the wife of the pastor was speaking God’s word. She started with saying ” Incredulous person turn to me why are you afraid to turn yourself to me why do you not trust in me. Do not fear do not fear do not fear stop reasoning stop thinking turn to me. Turn to me look at the stars I placed them there. Who are you? Even though you are like this I still love you I love you I love you. Turn yourself to me.” I was trying to remember to everything she said. When I heard her say ” Look at the stars I placed them there.” I cried my eyes out. The I heard Who are you? Usually when God ask us who are you is not because he does not know. It is because we may realize where are we who are we. When I heard this and later a meditated on this maybe God was trying to say that I am not smarter than him. That human wisdom are nothing compared to the wisdom of God. I cried so much because God heard my cry when I thought he forgot me. It’s like my doubt got a huge blow. When I doubt I remember this and I get stronger in faith. Even when my mind still try to explain this I remember that God said that do not reason or think. The reason he might of said this is because my reason it not going to get me closer to God and my wisdom is nothing compared to his. Recently I have been doubting a lot on Sunday I felt I was going to give up
my faith. When I heard this I thought God must be speaking to me. I am still reasoning and thinking Is really God speaking to me? Tell me what you think.

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