God saved my life

I was raised in a christian family and had a pretty good childhood for the most part. I never knew my biological father but god blessed me with a loving step father that is dad to me. I got saved when i was 9 and young.I always believed in God but as time wore on my relationship with god grew weaker and weaker. It wasnt untill i was 13 i started expirmenting with alcohol to deal with depression and conviction. By 15 sin was running my life and the worst thing of all is that i sat in church every sunday and pretended like i was fine when i wasn’t at all.I was arrested at my high school for drug related charges and i went to jail and i pleaded with God and prayed my whole stay. I felt like a new person i did good for a while after i got out. Then i slowly started back into my old ways. i wasnt only effecting me i was my entire family. Two and a half months after i was arrested something happend that would change my life drastically. I snuck out of my house and stole my moms car i didnt have no sense of wrong i was on a path of self destruction. I went and picked up my best friend an we were drinking hard liquor and talking. Time wore on and i knew i was drunk and i always said id never drink and drive no matter what. I just didnt care anymore. I lied to my best friend and said im striaght to drive so off i went. On the ride home i was going about 60-65 mhp an i knew i needed to slow down but i never did. I hit some road construction and i lost control of the suv and it felt as if time froze. i woke up on the side of the road with ppl standing over me yelling. i was rushed to the hospital. The witnesses said i flipped the vechicle 3 times and was ejected out of the driver window. I was relieved to hear the sirens come pick me up of the side of the road.God was looking out for me i wrecked and was slung out of the car and i walked out of the hospital the next day. I thank god everyday that im alive an being a christian is my number one priorty i believe that god has a plan for me. I want to get my testimony out to help kids going through hell like i was living like hell 6 days a week and fronting on sundays. I see now that god has a plan for every one in his will. but im going to stop here because i could go on all day about my expirence and christ the way the truth and the light with out a doubt in my mind.

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