God is immutable He view sin as He also did as SIN

Why do this generation of people think that God would change His mind toward sin to accomadate their sinful lifestyles. The people of God need to find themselves in prayer even more today. Samesex marriages is being legalised all over the world. Wrong is right and right is wrong according to the world’s standard, but God is immutable He cannot lie (Hebrews 6:18), infact it is impossible for God to lie. He destroyed Soddom and Gommorrah(Genesis 19) and why would any one think He would change His mind about this sin today. Time to wake up children of God, we must fight our way through. It is going to get worse, ministers already lost their licenses because they say no to this. Do not compromise but stand on the word of the Living God. Heaven and earth shall pass away but God words abide for ever (Matthew 24 vs 35).

Malachi 3:6 God affirms, “I the Lord do not change.”

When someone changes his/her mind, it is often because new information has come to light that was not previously known, or the circumstances have changed that require a different kind of attitude or action. Because God is omniscient, He cannot learn something new that He did not already know. So, when the Bible speaks of God changing His mind, it must be understood that the circumstance or situation has changed, not God. So when Exodus 32:14 and 1 Samuel 15:11-29 talk about God changing His mind, it is simply describing a change of dispensation, and outward dealings, toward man.

Numbers 23:19 is very clear, “God is not a man, that He should lie, nor a son of man, that He should change His mind. Does He speak and then not act? Does He promise and not fulfill?” No, God does not change His mind. These verses affirm the doctrine of God’s immutability: He is unchanging and unchangeable.

God LOVE(agape) the sinner but hate the sin. Do He love Homosexuals yes He do, but He HATE the lifestyle they live.

Do He reconize the union, No He Don’t.

I am not a license minister but I prayer for the minister who are blood wash around the world, that they fail not, that they won’t compromise, that they stand on God infallable word, and that they be strengthen.

Be bless.

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