God has a complete sense of Humor!

The Lord has a great sense of Humor. I get so tickled when I read my bible and look at lot of the ways He did things. God can be so funny even while making a serious point. He is the complete opposite of religion. I am so glad He did not make me give up my sense a humor when I came to Jesus, and actually He has allowed my sense of humor to grow at times and over time has revealed to me He has a big sense of humor to. I mean He has to when I consider how long He has put up with me.

Today during my alone time with the Lord I heard God tell me not get angry when someone throws stones at you. I was thinking yes Lord, I know you are right and thinking God did I screw up again and you are about to discipline me. I was thinking back to the last week trying to think if I had gotten angry and figured God was about to show me something I was overlooking and then God took the conversation a completely different direction which He tends to do a lot with me. I think He does it to me sometimes just to prove He is God. Instead of tearing into me God said do you remember what you thought about brother so and so when I first started taking you down the road of deliverance and spiritual warfare. I responded, Yes Lord I remember. I thought he was a absolute Looney Toone and he had totally lost his mind. I thought he was not all that far from people showing up in little white suits to drag him away, then God said you ‘re right. Then God said do you remember what you thought after going to one of his seminars and you figured he knew a little about what he was talking about? I responded not really God. As I began to ponder the question a little longer, I remembered oh yeah. I wondered where I was ever going to find a demonized person to try any of this out on. God said, yes you did and you kept asking Me that question over and over. I kept repeating the answer back to you but back then your ears where not so good Corey. Oh yeah Lord, what did you say? Look in the Mirror! After that I started cracking up. I don’t care who are or where you are in the Lord, that’s funny.

God was not finished with me however and several minutes later I heard God begin to say. I have taught you deliverance, I have began to teach you healing, I have taught you the salvation message to be reviewed in the last days. Yes Lord, and I am so thankful for that. Then without skipping a beat I heard God say you must be 3 times the looney toone he was. I was like yes God your right again as I began to start cracking up again.

Later on this afternoon God had a little more to add to our conversation from earlier in the morning. You know Corey you have always kind of wondered what happened to that man over the years and even after learning about deliverance you have thought he was a little off base. Yes God I know. God said you where right about this man losing his mind but I have never told you so until today. Oh yeah God I knew it! God said not like you are thinking? Okay then God how do you mean it then. God said when I first started to show him deliverance he thought the same thing about the individual he saw walking under that anointing. It was not until he was willing to lose his mind and accept the mind of Christ that I was able to teach him about deliverance, and you where the same way. Both of you where as stubborn and hard headed as Balaam’s donkey, but when you finally saw the flaming sword you got the picture. Wow! I was like Lord you are so right. Anyway that was such a revelation to me.

Hope this blesses you

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