In 2010 January i saw God perfoming great miracles in my life , our church declared a 40 days prayer and fasting , it was just water and juice for me ,we were allowed to take any method of fasting that will best suit you , the last day of our prayer and Fasting , it was a sunday and our pastor prophesied a word that in 3 months time we will get our breakthroughs , this was too long for coz i have been trusting God for a new Job or a promotion for a long time so i felt in my spirit that God had to intervene at that time ,so i dicided to extend my fasting for another 3 days , on the first day of my extended fast , we were having a morning prayer at work and after a prayer i told my collugues of which most of them are not born again christians , i told them that i have a great feeling about my future and i feel like i am sitting under a tree that is full of red and black big grapes they are all over my face ,i want to get to them but i dont know why i cant eat them ,they laughed and asked me if i dreamt about this , i told them i saw this in a vision , it was just after the prayer when i was preparing to start my duties and i sat down when i closed my eyes i saw this , the same day that afternoon i received a call that told me i have been promoted to a job that will double my salary , i thanked God and i know and belive that prayer changes things .

Now iam a married 24 year old woman and my husband and i we are living separately due to work , ive dicided to seek God’s intervention about this situation , we tried everything but nothing seemed to work , we have no problems at the moment since he is also a born again christian ,but the problem is when we got the married the word of the LORD said the two shall become one , please pray with m

e that we get a tranfer or new JOBS and be able to stay together so thet we will be able to raise our children together.

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