God answers prayer

I learned that prayers don’t always have to makes sense to anyone else but ourselves and God, People sometimes think what you ask God to do has to be important to everyone,but thats not true, God sees the heart of his children and does things not so important or proper to everyone else,but only to YOU. thats who he is, I was working in a autoshop, this old couple came in,their ac was broken in their car,I was asked to put freon in it,so I did,but it needed more,it would freeze the lines with solid ice, The car owner said he couldn’t afford to fix it,but the heat of the day was too much for them, well while the car was running,it touched my heart,so I put my hand around the ac hose covered with ice,and prayed,with my eyes open,I watched the ice melt slowly down the hose for about 3 feet,and the ac began to work,and continued, I praised the Lord for it,and these people were chilling,when they left. God doesn’t answer pray because it makes sense or not,he answers because he loves us that much,amen

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