Goals in life.

I just heard about this from a preacher, I thought I might share it here. This preacher said that one day he had this kind of revelation/knowledge revealed. He said that God has planned how each men/women should live their life, setting some kind of schedule with timeline and goals. He give an analogy of these schedules as lots of dots as goals and these dots formed a picture. Reaching goals is kind of drawing a line from one dot to another dot. And as we finished in reaching all goals set by God we’ll have the picture intended for our life.

For some people, at certain point of their life, God elevate them to higher ground so they can see the entire dots, give them vision of the entire picture. After they returned with that vision in mind, they live their life. He gave example people like Abraham, Joseph son of Jacob, etc. They have this vision of the far future and their role in it. Long before Abraham have son, God had revealed to him that he will be father of great nation. Joseph learn from dream that one day, his father, brothers and mother will bow to him.

For some God give one goal at a time. Reach it and then another goal revealed and so on.

But most people live without ever knowing this or want to know this and have their own goals set in their life.

So do you think its true?

If you think it is, how about you? Have you know God’s goals for you?

If not why?

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