Gay Marriage: Left Faction of Labor Party in Australia wants it

The Sydney Morning Herald has long been a media channel for homosexual lobbyists. Many of its writers are public opinion makers who have been at work manufacturing favorable public opinion on something that until relatively recently was considered a disgusting perversion. The momentum has been building for some time now to change the definition of "marriage" to accommodate those who are not interested in children being cared for by both a mother and a father.

The humanists in Australian society, those who presuppose that there is no actual God to whom they must give account, see this whole issue in terms of giving equal rights to those whose "sexual orientation" predisposes them to acts which the Bible condemns.

I say the issue of whether the Bible is worthy of respect and whether there is a Creator and Judge has never been settled in favor of unbelievers. Certainly not on the basis of evidence. Perhaps, on the basis of "democracy". But that has nothing to do with what is true and right. If you control media and the education it doesn't take too many decades to have plenty of people – even the majority – believing what you want them to believe.

No one on the humanist side seems to consider whether CHILDREN have a right to experience the love of both a FATHER AND A MOTHER.

No one considers the possible psychological damage that may occur when the norms of millenia are thrown out the window.

Yes, Satan, the true master of all humanists, who being invisible to them has totally outsmarted them – this Satan is hell-bent on destroying the family. The Kingdom of Darkness promotes pornography, adultery, wife-beating, radical feminism and the homosexual agenda, amongst other things, to destroy loving families and create an environment in which many people can become easily demon possessed. Yes, children are getting hurt by all this, and they start to look the occult for a sense of personal empowerment. All this plays into Satan's hands.

Folks, this is a TRAGEDY, and unless we as the people of God start to HUMBLE OURSELVES and PRAY, there will be little mitigation of the absolute disaster that is threatening to engulf western civilisation from all sides.

We must remember that changing the meaning of words is a very powerful method of brainwashing society. If our culture wants to believe in something called "gay marriage", which in my view is an oxymoron, then Christians will need to find a NEW WORD to describe what marriage USED TO MEAN.

It is not for us to tell people what words they can use and can't use, and society is now too far gone to expect a godly consensus on what sexual morality means. But we need to be sure we stay in alignment with the mind of God. Otherwise, OUR eternal souls will be at risk.

If the people of the world want to stay the course of rebelling against God, we can still pray that God arrest them, but they will have to deal with God. At this point in world history we are unlikely to see a reformation of morals. It will take another World War and all the horrors of it in all likelihood before people come to appreciate the values that God gives.

I hope we can weep for this generation. If not, perhaps the majority will perish with no person ever praying a heartfelt prayer for their salvation. That would be so sad.

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