Freedom from pornography and self gratification

Hey fellow christians… I wanna tell you one thing before i start, i dont really know how to write a testimony, but i will tell you my story so far…


I have been a christian my whole life, even though i havent lived too long, I’m 16.

I started as a 12 year old “experimenting and exploring” my body, and used to masturbate alot. And when i got older it had become a habit. And when i was 15 i started to watch a little porn. I did not watch it alot, but maybe once a month or so. I hid it very well for my parents as i wouldnt let them know i watched it.

After a while it became a little more often. I wouldnt say that i got deep into it, but i was starting to get addicted to it. I tried many times quitting, and it worked for a while, but in the end i allways got back into it.

I prayed to God for help, and as i said, it worked for a while but i got back into it.

I did not try to quit masturbating, because i have been raised and teached that masturbating is not a sin, but a tool etc.

But in the Bible it says that you shall not have lustfull thoughts about someone, and try not have that when you’re doing it…

It’s sin…

And when i began a new school year on a school in the city, and i had to move into my own appartment i started for real watching porn. I watched it every night for a while, and then one night i just couldnt bare it. I had to change this.


I went to this site for help, and i think God led me to a link on this cite leading to one called

I read through a prewiev of the course, and i signed up at once. It is a 60 day course helping you connect with God and get rid of the porn and self gratification(masturbating).


I have to be honest and say that i am still in this course, i have not completed it yet, and the reason that i am telling you guys about this is because i want to tell you how amazing God is, and tell you about my progress. I have around 30 days left in the course, though i have to admit that i havent read the days lesson every day because of internet issues etc, but i have been free from porn for over a month now. It also have a daily portion of Bible verses that i read every night.

The last month i have changed, i have actually changed in my personality.. I have God with me in my everyday life, and it is GOOD!!!

So… i wanna tell everyone that struggles with the same problems as i… go to this site:

Sign up and start the course. It have changed me with God’s help, and it can help you to.

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