For The Furtherance of The Gospel

My proposition is that you Don K. Preston consider taking the position as Director or Head of School in Eschatology. The course delivery would be by open learning principles, as used by the Open University in the UK.

New Bilibid Prison Philippines

New Bilibid Prison Philippines (The Big House)

The students participating would be from all walks of life, but in particular prison inmates at international locations starting in New Bilibid Prison, Philippines.

The course delivery will be over seen by tutors and course work will be assessed and successful students will be certified. It is proposed the course be validated and endorsed by a renown academic educational  institution.

My Background  (Click the highlighted text to view)

I am David Clarke and taught as a lecturer, for over 20 years in colleges of Higher and Further Education for over 20 years, until I went no mission work to New Bilibid Prison, in the Philippines, in 2001. My brother Michael John Clarke was a prisoner serving a 16 year prison sentence but had become a Christian after 5 years of his incarceration. It was this news that prompted me to write our story in my book Converted on LSD Trip and we distributed this book to prison inmates, the Director of the Prison (BUCA), Undersecretary of Justice (DOJ), and director of New Bilibid Prison Theological  Institute (NBPTI), of the prison.
During our first mission preached to hundred of prisons in New Bilibid Prison, Angeles City, Baguio City, and Benguet Prvincial  jails.

Michael and I worked with Pastor Lucas Dangatan the Head of the NBP Theoloical Institute to form a Teacher Training College within the prison, with a view to teach qualifying inmates how to teach the gospel so that on their release that could share their experience of salvation to their own people in their home towns, villages of cities.

We had the support no only the Director of the Prison Col. Ricardo Macala but also the Undersecretary of Justice Jose Calida of the Department of Justice. Here is a record of our prayer.

During that mission we request 100 inmates to write their testimonies of conversion from crime to Christ and 66 of these testing were published in our book Trojan Warriors.
One of our men William O. Poloc, a converted criminal, having served 14 years for killing a policemen, was sent on his release back to his home city Baguio to preach the gospel to his country men and city jail.He has since founded two churches and founded  Theological institute in Baguio.
Sadly Michael died of tuberculosis in the prison before our power vision of bringing help to many had been fulfilled and after sever trouble hit our work.

At that time three Particular Baptist pastors from the free socialite came forward to assist and support the work were were doing and this is the work we wish to continue. These men will supervise the work in the Philippines.
It is my desire to continue the work were we left of by means of teaching in a disciplined what he eschatology of the scripture and so be active in the furtherance of the gospel.

What do you think ?


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