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We praise Thee Father. In this time of incredible economic hardship, I
ask in Thy will for Thy will for a Financial breakthrough. I have waited
for so long. Have suffered greatly for years. I know You already know
of this Father. I know You are working in this. Please send those who
love You to me to help. You know Abba
I am faithful, reading and studying Thy
Word, witnessing for I know time is short and tithing. I fail at times
Father, but You say You will never forsake me and renew me daily. Daily
sanctified through Your Spirit, transformed like Christ. I glorify You
now and will glorify You even more when You answer my prayers and I know
You will answer them. My prayer and hope is soon. I lift up my
children, for they are lost, in need of Your Son Jesus Christ. My
other family members as well.   I pray for protection, Restoration,
needs, now urgent, Wisdom, Long term Financial Stability which I have
sought for a long time. I have needs Father! I stand boldly at the
throne of grace as is Your Word. Thank You for Your gift of mercy and
grace, through Your Son Jesus Christ, our Savior
and Lord, amen. Bruce Deu 15  1 Chr 4:9-10 Ps 37,84,103,112
Joe 2  1
Joh 3:17  Mat 5:42 1 The 4:12 Eph 4:28  Act 2  Luk 6:30
Mat 7-11

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