Fed up and frustrated with love

Two and half years ago I meet a nice but shy, unconfident man. I fell in love with him and trusted him completely. After a few months of going out we started talking about marriage. I must admit that after year of going out I started get impatient and wondered when he was going to propose. I waited for him to propose but he kept on saying he was waiting to hear from God. So I waited. After a year and few months we became enagaged I was so happy. Because i loved him deeply. He loved worship so did I. People prophesied over his life saying I was his wife. I felt that things we right and started making wedding plans. I got excited,I brought my dress, picked the colours, chose the venue and photographer. Ask my dad and sister for money which they gave. Everybody was looking forward to the day..Two months before the wedding i told him I that we need to go to the registry office to do the notice of marriage.Then one evening he told me that when came to this country he had trouble with his papers. So he got married to stay in the country and he was still married. i was so shocked of course because i asked him when we were going out if he ever be married, he said no. He later told me the reason why he did not tell me was he forgot. I knew he was lying but I wanted to believe him because I loved him soo much. We continued to go out. then when he got divorced I found he did lied. He fact had been married twice. But decided to forgive but did not feel peaceful about marriage. I still had no peace months later. We broke up but I still wanted him back.Now I thought we could be friends to build trust and start again because I still love him. What if he is my husband? I want it to work out.

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