fear God, lost and in full spiritual battle

I don’t know who I am or which path I should be on, but I do know a lot is being thrown my way and it all started before I can remember. My parents weren’t church goers but there were many times I went to church with others I knew while growing up. I believe strongly in God but my life events have left me feeling lost and confused and fearful. Growing up I was feared psychic and mediums or anything that related to witchcraft, including an ouija board my mom bought me when I was young. She thought it was only an imaginary game and I never touched it thinking it was a curse in a box. I never understood myself and why I went through what I did and at times I felt completely alone but dismissed many things that happened to me by the next day. My mom would call me a jinx at times when I predicted near future accidents. I didn’t understand how or why. Many nights I slept in bed with Ny mom or curled up on the floor next to her bed. Things were coming into my dreams as if I were awake and later I would discover that those I saw were actually people before their deaths. Or demons. Things got more difficult when I got older and that is when I started searching for answers. I felt off in a home I lived in after moving away but again I dismissed it. Throughout my life I saw things others couldn’t or just knew they were there, hearing them or receiving their thoughts, so forth. One night my bedroom light flickered and I knew what would follow that night. While in sleep state I saw the most evil thigh I ever saw. I dismissed it. Few months later my youngest tells me he saw someone in our hallway, describing exactly what I saw. It only got worst. More demons. I fought them with prayer while awake and while in a sleep wake state. I got a paranormal team to investigate and then fought within myself why they were seeing an innocent ghost and I was seeing it for what it was. Ive prayed over and over again for God to remove. This if it was Satan’s doing. Hasn’t happened. I don’t live In that house anymore but felt the male presence where I live now. Hes gone now but I feel the one evil being has followed my youngest. Weird thing when I first saw her in woman form I felt a need to protect my son. Know y now. Angels have saved me before though. During surgery I was in a dark tunnel where I was grabbed by a demon heard my name echo far away and when I woke I saw them all standing hip to hip all the way around my bed. I still don’t understand what is happening to me but have had many witnesses while being around me. I’m not sure. If God has a plan or Satan has cursed me. My family looks at me for help and I keep telling them that God is our only protection and tolook and pray to him. We have all been through so much. Some of my family have been attacked, and have seen a great deal of things. That would scare most. Ive actually been lifted off the floor while laying on our couch. Ive prayed and prayed daily using many prayers and have just talked to God. I keep getting the push to write about my life but have been pushing the feeling aside because I wouldn’t even know where or how it would end. One guy from church tried helping me and as soon as he got off the phone with me he got a call from his son n law. His son dropped to his knees and had to be rushed to the hospital due to tremendous amount of back pain. I suffer with chronic pain but his son never has a ping of pain in his back before. Our old neighbors called the house we were living I. “The house of disabilities “. Everyone who lived there was disabled or became disabled. My disability started after moving there. I’m still ting in circles and an searching to get o. The right path God had planned for me. I’m still fighting a spiritual war. Strange thing. I’m more worried about doing the right thing than having fear on how ugly these things are. I’m just so lost in all this. There are still nights we all sleep in pairs. My kids see too. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Oh I noticed that ive Benn traveling in dream state uncontrollably. I can see what my family members are doing in the house and from my pain I think I’m going to some dark places. I think there are times somethings follow me back. I know it sounds crazy but when I’ve told my family members what they were doing while they knew I was sleeping they don’t doubt me.

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