Father Forgive Us

Father in heaven, please forgive your people for falling into self-righteousness, please forgive us for calling things good that are evil.Please forgive us for killing some many babies and saying that abortation is ok,please forgive us for rejecting the poor and needy and looking at them as if they are less than any one.Please forgive us for throwing teenagers out on the streets and acting like they are trash.Please forgive us for the idolitary in our hearts seeking after mary,buddha,psychics,wizards,mediums,money,power and honor when we should be seeking after Christ.Father please forgive your childern for submitting their will and mind over to the spirit of lust by us seeking after more porn and more ways to fullfill the desires of the flesh.Father forgive us for sense less murders,to where we have taught young childern that they need to protect certain streets to the point they murder.Father forgive us for glorifying rape,murder,incest,bestiality,violence,and suicide in our movies,music and all across the internet.Father forgive us for the doubt,disbelief,hardness in our hearts,compromising,making excuses for not submitting under your perfect will.Father forgive us for being crude,wickedness,hateful and judge mental in our words.Father for give us for having hidden racial hatred in our hearts towards other racial groups.Father forgive us for being resentful,bitter,complainers,un greatful,un merciful,unthankful,ungreatful,unloving,and for give us for making excuses for our sins.Father forgive us for allowing the enemy to take ground when we should have stood and hold our ground.Father forgive us for not standing in the gap for those that have fallen in to Mormonism,Satanism,occultism and become jehovah witnesses.Father forgive us for not telling people that Jesus lovesthem because now suicide amonest young people is an epdemic.Above all father forgive me for falling short of my calling and my destiney.Tim Thompson

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