what did Jesus mean when he said one can not patch a new cloth with an old one,and one can not pour a new wine into an old wine.this he said when asked why his disciples do not fast

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Hello All,

I, and many others, would like to read and know what you experienced during your fast and prayers. I attended CCD and when to catholic school my whole life and have not heard anything about fasting and prayer (perhaps I chose not to listen).

The first time I read about Christians actually fasting was from this site, and I thought i was a bit radical, but it seemed so right strangly. I spoke to individuals, referred to the scriptures and read other sites relating to fasting and what I’ve heard rested my doubts, and I knew this was missing from my life.

This is my first time fasting. It has been 36 hours since I’ve eaten anything, I only drank water. It is a lot harder than I thought. I did not think that it would be so hard, being that there were times that I have not eaten for days or a week, but that was out of depression and anxiety. Now I am fasting for the Lord, so it is a whole different ballpark. I have to admit, I am a bit scared at times, I think that I am going to collaps or get sick, but I reassure myself that the Lord is with me, and everything is possible with the Lord. I am humbling myself to him, let him do his will on me.

I, and others, would like to know what others think about fasting. If you are fasting now or fasted, what were you feeling and how long have you been fasting.

Christina 🙂

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