Fasting hr11s view

There are many ways to fast,and my way is not for everyone,but I read and have heard people speak about their different ways,,,Well its not important to say,many days and weeks and such I have been,,,for if I try to impress man by my sacrifices,then I have my reward already,and lose my reward from God!! so I write this to help those who are of need of advice how to get the most out of their sacrifices,,,,,,,,for what it’s worth from an old veteran,,,,,,,1st don’t let your left hand let your right hand know what your doing( keep it between you and God as much as possible,,,,,2nd set a solid goal as to what you want from God,,,so when your miracle comes,you will know what and when you recieved it,,,your testimony ,because of it,will help you and others latter,,,otherwise satan and the flesh will haunt you and try to confuse you,,,,,,,3rd do not set days,it may prove to harm you more than help,,,,,only because things get in the way sometimes,and you feel defeated if you fell short…also you don’t know when God is going to answer…4th ,,If you make every meal a private sincere offering to God,regardless of how many or how few each one will make you stronger, rather better not to vow,than make a vow and fail……your adversary loves to try to make you fail,to weaken your faith in yourself or in God,,,,when you fast he gets scared,,,great testimonies hurt his cause!!!exspect to hear from God,and you will,,,,,during a fast if eating or drinking don’t do anything that would make you feel in your heart you were cheating,,either by soup or crackers or whatever ,the point is sacrifice must be pure,not spot or blemish,,,any old way won’t do,it will rob you,,,,,when the flesh is weak,the spirit is strong,but also in reverse…hope this helps make strong christians,,,need all we can get amen when I fast I don;t eat anything,if its a long fast I drink water,if its a short fast 1,2,3 days very little water or none,but everyone should find their way.but for every meal offered,pray instead.

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