Family Radio?

Hi Everyone!
Just wondering if anyone else has heard of “Family Radio”? I was reading the latest Readers Digest and saw an ad announcing that the beginning of Judgment Day is suppose to occur on May 21,2011. I went to their web-site, ( out of curiosity. I do not believe what they are saying,but they have worked out mathematically, going backwards to present day that the bible promises the beginning of the end will occur on said date. Even using scripture about a discerning man knowing the times,to counter that no one knows the hour or day of Christ Return.
Given all the recent and increasing turmoil around the world, I know the end is drawing near.But, May 21,2011????
On the subject of increasing turmoil,and disasters,is there anything we should be doing to prepare for an emergency? I am not an alarmist,but should I be taking some measures to protect my family? I have always been somewhat afraid of the possibilities of dealing with desperate people, or being desperate myself .
What do you all think?

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