False prophecies about the Australian election

Our God cares for the poor and oppressed, those crying out in pain who have been forsaken by all. Now God is rebuking all the Christian false prophets who have identified God with the rich, the affluent, the proud, the strong, the indifferent, and the unfeeling power brokers of this world.

Take for example the recent false prophecy concerning the Australian Elections of 2007 by Kenneth Copeland, a famous televangelist who believes that he is a little god.
Either he is a very fallible little god, or some very prominent Australian ministries are misquoting him.

Should we now “deny sense knowledge”, “speak to things that are not as though they were” and declare that John Howard really was elected? It seems John Howard has lost his own seat in parliament, and has resigned from politics. Peter Costello, who was supposedly chosen by God to lead Australia in a 5th liberal term, though he retained his seat, has refused to lead the liberal party and is seeking a career in the commercial world, and may actually resign from politics.

But here is another prophecy about the recently concluded Australian elections. This prophecy was “conditional” upon the body of Christ uniting in prayer. Thats very well, and I know lots of Christians did pray, but the prayer life of the Australian church is notoriously weak these days. And these prophecies assume that the church should have united in praying for the Coalition to be re-elected. No serious consideration was given to the idea that God might have wanted Labor to win, perhaps to spend away our national prosperity so that wealthy Australians would lose their proud and independent spirit and once again call upon the name of the Lord.

I heard Dr. Bernard Blessing, a prophet who also sometimes makes mistakes, but many times gets incredibly specific revelations, saying recently in the Gold Coast in some meetings before the election that there was going to be a political change in this country and that those who are living for wealth in this country will be crying. So far it looks like Bernard was right.

John Howard in his resignation speech said that he has left Australia a “stronger and prouder” nation than it was 11 years ago. Christians were praying that this state of affairs continue, but my Bible says that God resists the proud. Therefore, I conclude it is God’s will to strip Australians of their pride and independent strength, so that they may call upon the name of the Lord and be saved.

We might find that we start losing the “cultural wars” in Australia now that Labor has been elected. We can expect that the anti-Christ policies hidden in the Labor and Green agendas will begin to manifest and bring a curse upon our strong and proud nation of Australia. We now have a woman who lives in sin as our deputy prime minister, and I understand Kevin Rudd, though a churchman, will take prayer out of Parliament. Kevin Rudd is a very intelligent man, a smooth diplomat, a brilliant speaker with an ambitious agenda. But it remains to be seen if he will enjoy the blessing of God. I hope he will pray and obey God. If not, his natural brilliance and all the best advisors in the world will not save him.

John Howard ran Australia like a tight business during a time of low interest rates and rising commodity prices in a super resource rich country with a low population. The national coffers are bursting with wealth, but the hospitals are falling apart, and the working man can no longer afford to buy a home in Australia now. Compassion for the weak and oppressed was not really a major part of John Howard’s program. He worked hard to make Australia more like the U.S.A., where its “every man for himself”, and the weak are there to be exploited. Perhaps for these reasons God did not want him re-elected.

John Howard sent Australian soldiers into Iraq as part of the foolish and ill-fated imperial adventure of George Bush and Dick Cheney into the Middle East. This has helped make the world a less secure place. Instead of a kind of mafia gangster ruling Iraq, we now have Iraq as a hotbed of terrorism, islamic murderers and chaos. The Christians are fleeing in terror from Iraq now, as there is no one to protect them in civil society from the threatenings of islamic jihadists. At least Kevin Rudd has promised to remove our soldiers from this American war.

These false prophecies we have had recently just show how out of touch the opinion of many Christians is with respect to our Father in Heaven. Our Father in heaven LOVES the poor and oppressed, teaches us to win our enemies over through prayer and love, not guns, tanks, bombs and economic oppression. Our Father CARES for the sick and suffering in our country who are too poor to get private health insurance. Our Father wants reconciliation with the indigenous populations that we have damaged in our conquest of the land here. Christians may be thinking more about what will make them rich, following right wing prosperity preachers, and forgetting these issues that God cares about. If it is so, then we are in for a Rude Awakening.

We need to pray for the salvation of people in Australia. Don’t assume someone else is doing it. From what I have seen, and I live here, hardly anyone is doing it.

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