Faith in Atheistic Philosophy

Faith in Atheistic Philosophy. Is it so smart?

Right now you are pretty confident, maybe even sure, that there is no
God. So you feel safe in living as if this life is all that matters. For
you, you think there is no judgment awaiting those who despise the “so-called
divine laws” such as the Ten Commandments.

Yet it takes an enormous leap of faith to confidently assert that there
is no God. Let us suppose that this rectangle below represents all the
knowledge in the Universe. And let us further suppose that the part shaded
‘x’ represents everything that you know. (You don’t know absolutely
everything there is to know, do you?)





Well, do you admit that God could exist in the other part
of the rectangle – the part about which you have absolutely no knowledge?
To declare with confidence that God does not exist you would have to know
all things in the Universe. You are not qualified to make this kind of
absolute assertion regarding a universal negative.

Let me be clear. I am talking about a God who created the Universe,
and who one day calls all people to account for the choices they have made.
I have yet to see a logical reason why such a God cannot exist. Also, we
are not talking about some kind of totally ridiculous hypothesis which
cannot be disproven. It seems very natural to suppose that all the design
and beauty in the Universe is not the product of randomness, time, chance,
matter and energy – but rather the handiwork of an Intelligent Designer.

You might wish to be an agnostic, but I hope you can see from this simple
illustration that the dogmatic position of atheism is intellectual
arrogance and foolishness of the highest order.

I am not claiming in any way in the text above to have proved that God
exists, only that you can’t be sure He doesn’t.

Responses from some atheists

More detailed arguments for God’s existence

It is argued that if God is omnipresent, you should be able to find
Him anywhere. But consider this. Right now, radio and TV waves are all
around you. But if you go looking for them unaided by the right gear, you
will see and hear nothing. We believe in the existence of lots of things
we can’t see. Have you ever seen your brain? Have you seen an atom? Do
you believe these things exist?

In the same way, the fact that you cannot find God in your kitchen,
for example, does not prove He is not there. There is a possibility that
you are BLIND. Blind spiritually, that is.

God cannot be seen directly by sinful men, although at times even sinners
might have a vision of Christ in which they see Him (but not in ALL his
glory). But just like radio waves can be known to be present through a
working radio receiver, so God can be known to exist through the effects
he causes in nature, in history, and in our own hearts and lives. Divine
healing is one evidence of the reality of a God who cares. And it is happening
all the time.

Although God can and sometimes does reveal Himself to people who have
not been looking for Him at all, what you need in order to find Him is
a persistent attitude of seeking Him with all your heart. Then you will
find Him. (Jeremiah 29:13).

A man who is spiritually dead is often like a broken radio receiver.
Many time he can’t sense God, he can’t hear God’s voice so he may conclude
that God does not exist. That would be a conclusion based on ignorance,
not knowledge.

If you pride yourself on your powers of intellect, don’t forget that
that doesn’t necessarily qualify you to say you can see or sense all of
the reality that is around you. If someone poked your eyes out you would
have to rely on the testimony of others who can see in order to know some
things about the world around you. How can you be sure that there is no
spiritual world around you when so many others can testify to its reality?

It was also stated that if the idea of God could be shown to contain
logical contradictions, this would be a demonstration of God’s non-existence.

Its true that the God most people imagine does not exist. That doesn’t mean that the God of the Bible doesn’t. We may not be able to fully understand the God of the Bible, but I fail to see a clear case that the God of the Bible is logically inconsistent, and therefore cannot exist. God has different sides to his character, but they are never contradictory.

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