Encouraging Thoughts

I’d like to share with you some encouraging thoughts for you. These thoughts
mostly apply to believers in Jesus Christ. If you’re not a believer in Jesus,
God wants to work in you too. Why not let Him?

If pain is making you question God’s goodness…

If God was really against you, don’t you think He could have made you suffer
more by now? God is all-powerful! If He hated us or wanted bad for us, He could
have been a lot more effective in bringing pain into our lives! No, God does
really love you. Even if you face trials, trust in God, the trials won’t last

The pain God allows us is there to alert us to the fact that there is a problem
that needs to be dealt with. If we haven’t found the problem, pain is a great
motivator. Without pain, we would lose many important things – just as lepers
lose their extremities because they can’t feel the things that are threatening

If you wonder why you struggle…

God wants us to be like Jesus. We are predestined to be conformed to the image
of God’s Son (Romans 8:29). We are far more useful to God if we learn to put
on God’s strength while we still have enemies to face. When we go to be with
the Lord, we will never have to face another enemy, as far as I understand Scripture.
Its now that we need strength! But to be strong, we need to draw strength upon
the Lord. But there will be a struggle. "We wrestle … against principalities
and powers" (Ephesians 6:12). There’s no victory without a fight. But you
were born with royal blood of a son of God, born to win. "Greater is He
that is in you than he that is in the world" (1 John 4:4). You have the
genetic code from God to be an absolute champion. All you have to do is feed
that new life God gave you, and exercise it, by God’s grace. That nature has
the nature and the potential of God. All things are possible to him who believes
(Mark 9:23), but God has given to you a measure of faith (Romans 12:3) … so
use it. Don’t listen to the lies of the devil any longer.

Its time to identify with that new man in Christ and not with the weak carnal
man who is a slave to the influences of this world. "As a man thinks in
his heart so he is" (Proverbs 23:7). You have the power to think of yourself
as a new person in Christ, as victorious and as strong. And even if you want
to confess how weak you are, remember the Scripture that says, "Let the
weak say I am strong!".

Perhaps the strength we gain through struggles in this life will be part of
our eternal capacity in God! A worm in a cocoon, as it develops into a butterfly,
must struggle and use its wings, trying to break out of the cocoon. In this
way, it develops the strength it needs to fly. If one tries to help the developing
butterfly out by breaking the cocoon, the butterfly will fall to the ground
and die. In the same way, our God does love us, so He will not "break the
cocoon" that seems to be hemming us in. He wants us to use our faith. There
is a fight of faith, but God is the one who gives us the strength from within
to overcome.

In the eyes of Jesus there is the revelation of one who has faced the worst
that anyone can know, and come out absolutely victorious. Now Jesus lives in
us. Just believe that He lives in you, and you will have power to do what you
thought you never could.

You are destined for Victory

God has His hand on your life. He knows the thoughts He has for you. Thoughts
of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11).
If God could say that to a nation who at the time was totally rebellious and
corrupt, how much more to you! God has planned good things for you.

God HAS given you everything good (2 Peter 1:3,4).

Not only does it stand to reason that God is willing to give you all good things,
if he gave you Jesus (Romans 8:32), but the Scriptures actually declare it in
a number of places. Now, that is something to get excited about. Just activate
your faith by beginning to thank God for this truth, and things will
start to happen in your life.

To find out more about God’s promises for you, and how you can declare them,
click here.

If you found these thoughts encouraging, please write me, and I’ll post some


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