Elaine’s Testimony – A lady from Namibia shares some of her experiences and revelations with God and demons

My name is Elaine and I am from Windhoek, Namibia.
It was never so clear to me as it is now how the devil and his demons have been operating in my life, my children’s lifes and in my families’ lifes all these years and we never knew it.
God is wonderful and I serve Him gladly now.
From the time I was young I felt connected to God and have numerous testimonies. It started with a dream that I had when I was very young about 4-5 years old. But in this dream I can still remember very clearly that I have washed the feet of Jesus and dried it with my hair. I was in Grade 2 when the morning infront of the classroom I looked up in heaven and saw faces of Jesus coming down towards me. I became afraid and closed my eyes, when I opened it this ‘faces of Jesus’ was gone. I am the kind of person that from my childhood I would throughout the day sing unto the Lord and talks to Him. It was not something that someone has taught me to do, it was just a natural thing to me, its just that whenever I sang a song it was to the Lord. Songs that I made up, sometimes instead of talking to the Lord I sing what I want to say to Him and praise and glorify His name in my manner.
My family knew that I was gifted since I was a baby since I could always see things and showed it to them. ‘Things’ use to come to me in the evenings and disturbed my sleep.
I use to play with the butterflies in the garden when I was small. One morning a snake came up behind me. My back was to it, but I heard a voice as clear as day that called out my name in warning behind me. I looked back and saw this snake a few feet away from me, it had already lifted its head in a striking position. I remember that I must have jumped so high in the air and I ran screaming in shock to my mom. I tried to tell her what I have heard and seen. I knew that I was alone behind the house. There was no one near me that I could see. From there my mom came to the conclusion that I was sensitive to vibrations around me.
Years went by after this and we moved to Windhoek. Dad was working for the Government and we had a government house in Groenkwart Street. We were a very happy family. I finished school at David Bezuidenhoudt while we were staying there. Mom and Dad was very strict with us and we loved them for it. I became pregnant after school with my first born, Brandon-Lee and I hide it from my parents. Their was trouble lurking in the waters between my mom and dad and I did not want to add to it so I kept quiet. I was eight and a halve months pregnant when I told mom and she told dad. That day I would never forgot. Cause he loved me so much, I could still see the pain on his face, he was in the door way when mom told him and he just walked out into the open field. He came back after a long while and was very quiet.
Then the attacks started to happen. It could be day or night I was constantly under attack. I could not understand who or what was always with me and then I could not open my eyes as this thing was sitting on my bed. I lay in bed and I feel this thing climbing onto me. Laying on top of me. It felt evil and I was scared and on top of it, I was pregnant. It came to the point that whenever I entered my bedroom I would first open the cupboards, through table salt into it and also inside my bedroom on the bed and underneath the bed. But it did not help. My parents later on had to put my bed in their room and I slept with them. Imagine me a teenager, 20 years old sleeping with my parents in the same room, but at least the attacks stopped.
My baby was born and everyone loved him, he was so adorable. My parents loved him dearly. My eldest sister moved out of the house because the problems in the house got to her. Mom and Dad was verbally abusing one another which ended up that mom was crying and dad was in his room not talking nor eating anything. Mom called it ‘still pains’. By the way this is a generational curse since my youngest brother, Victor, also have this same ‘still pains’. We still need to break this curse to set him free also.
Life became sad and I became a nightmare to life with, I did not want to stay at home, I wanted to find my happiness elsewhere and started to go to nightclubs, partying. Brandon’s father, Douglas, also neglected us, did not want to marry anymore, while he firstly before the pregnancy wanted to elope with me. Now he did not even wanted to support Brandon. Everything in my life turn out a nightmare. I met Jack. He was from Indonesia working at the Indonesian Embassy. A very good man, We became friends. We went out a couple of times together to nightclubs and my parents trusted me with him. It came to it that one night we came from the ‘Namibian by Night’ and had an head on accident with people who was drunk. I did not have my seatbelt on and was nearly going through the front screen. With the impact I was immediately unconscious. When I came to I had a piece of windscreen through my cheek and my tongue and the front screen a huge piece of it inside my head.
I wanted to go home, I did not wait for an ambulance. I was not aware that I was bleeding a lot since when I woke up I pulled the windscreen and front screen from my cheek and head. Even though the blood was spurting out of my head and cheek I could not feel anything. A Herero man and his wife have taken me home while I was giving them directions. At home my parents was screaming and crying when they saw me standing in the door. Roelien was shouting at me for going out and screaming her head off while my eldest brother was trying to quiet her by grabbing her by the neck.
Mom and Dad had me in the car and raced to the hospital. I was taken into theatre where the doctors was removing glass pieces inside my head and over my body with a twizzer. They stitched me up nicely and told my parents that if the glass was just a few inches deeper I was dead. There was no room in the hospital and they had to sent me home. I stayed at home for three months not able to work.
In the end our family decided to buy a house and we moved out. I stayed in a flat. My mom stayed with Roelien while Dad stayed at my grandmother’s house. This was a devastating time and no one of us in the family knew how to deal with it. All of us was wrecks and the worst was my mom. I guess since she came into this world she was suffering, first from her abusive father and now from her marriage and her abusive children. Yes, all of her six children verbally abused or neglected her and how all of us regret it today!
I was working at Air Namibia at the time during the 90’s and bought a small one bedroom house. My family moved in with me and we stayed together as a family again. Now mom and dad both was trying again to make their marriage work. I was glad when I came home and saw my kid with my little brother and sister who was also then kids playing and mom and dad inside the house, like it should be.
Then my parents decided to get their own house. And I decided that I will move in with them since I love my family who was together again. I love my parents very much and my biggest sin was that I could never choose between the two of them. Even during their battle I could not choose. When dad was speaking to me about mom I was defending mom and when mom was speaking to me about dad, I was defending dad.
Dad bought a house in Rocky Crest where we stayed. It was during the afternoon time and I was sweeping the floors singing a song to God. During this time I was not reborn but I knew that there was a God. I do not remember how this song goes, cause I usually made them up. I danced with the broom and sing to the Lord until I was finished with the house. I went and lay on the couch. This is where I had my first vision. I saw myself out of my body standing infront of the house at the back door. I looked up at heaven and saw the angels flying, looking very busy. I was amazed. Every day now God gave me another vision. The next vision was again I was in my spirit body in front on the house and the skies opened. God’s light was shining down on me. In this light was gold flakes that was falling down on me from heaven. I could only stare at it. The next thing there was the faces of Jesus, in little cubicles filled with water, falling down on me. I picked one up and saw the face of Jesus inside. When my spirit was back in my body I felt rejuvenated, a feeling I cannot describe. I felt strong, couraged, a new person, I had this load and loads of adrenaline inside my body, the feeling was indescribable and somehow I knew that God has touched me.
When I walked in the streets, I knew who was born again and who was still living in sin. I could only look at a person and knew, and that was so wonderful. After about three months this feeling slowly disappeared. I prayed to God daily and He answered me, when I opened my bible he spoke to me by highlighting the words in the bible that He answered me. It was like specific words in the bible would sprang forth in big bold font. Therefore I know that the bible is alife.
I sat in the living room and had a conversation with God through the bible that He always answered me through. I asked Him questions and He answered me through the bible. That became fun. One afternoon I remember so clearly I asked the Lord what I can do for Him and He said unto me through the bible. ‘You must baptize you’ Only this words sprang forth. God had never long words or discussions with me. He always kept it short in the bible.
The sad part is that I never had baptized myself and I know now that God wanted or still wants to use me for a great and mighty service unto Him. Satan is always at the background of your plans. I wanted so much to get baptized but we are in a church that does not believe in baptizing. I consulted the Dominee but I was told that if get baptized I can not come back to the church anymore. With that I was so confused that I let it be. My family is also against baptizing since the church do not do baptizing but is still on the Old Testament believes.
God gave me a vision one day where I was standing outside the house at the living room door and I was looking towards the mountains. I saw an angel standing between the two mountains. It was very big. I could see it very clearly standing there with his back to me. I wanted to go near and instantly was nearly in his face. He turned his head at 180 degree angle and what I saw was a shock. It was Satan. He was laughing at me, wagging his tongue and making fun of me. His tongue looked like that of a snake’s and where his eyes should have been was just the sockets.
I was immediately back at the front of the house and when I wanted to enter I saw that my dad and two children were also infront of the house. I warned them that they should come into the house but there was a hole infront of them which they could not get over. I tried to ran into the house but thorns and dead dry branches was all over the house and I could not enter. My spirit went back inside my body and I was glad that it was only a vision and not reality, or so I thought.
Mom and Dad became distant with each other. They could not understand each other anymore. Although mom tried her best dad did not seem eager to work on their marriage anymore. He became distant.
If I only knew that I could have cancelled and cut off satan’s plans and works. But even me was only a bystander as I watched my family falling apart. If I had knew then that I could pray to God and He would destroy satan’s plans, it never came to me that this vision of satan I had was the beginning of how he was busy destroying my family. Mom began to feel neglected and dad felt that he was not the head in the family anymore. Mom tried her best to save their marriage and the family but nothing she tried seem to work. She even went to church, spoke to the dominee. The dominee and his assistants came for a visit but not even that could save us. We were doomed. My dad and mom was now officially divided from bed and table. We as children were hurting so much that each of us went our own way. I tried to stay on but sometimes it get to much and I also left. How I wish today that I never have left my mom and dad. Instead I should have prayed to God for our salvation and to save my parents’ marriage. But I did not know then what I know now.
My life in God was great and Satan saw that. The time came that I disappointed the Lord greatly and I got a vision. An angel of God came and took my spirit outside where I looked over this angels shoulder and saw a face in heaven. This face was not talking but a single tear was rolling from his eye. I was devastated and felt like a no good. I have failed God and did not want to return to Him. I was a failure and blamed myself everyday and wanted to destroy my life from that day on.
Satan knows how to mesmerize you. How does Satan operate? His main weapon is deception. Operating through his vast armies of evil spirits, he is influencing people with all kinds of untrue things which keep them in bondage to evil until the light of the gospel breaks through. Satan is today using all kinds of philosophies, lies, religion and idolatry to keep people’s eyes blinded to the gospel and resistant to the message of God as long as possible.
Satan is working hard to deceive Christians also, by opposing the central truths of God’s word which would have power to destroy his influence. It is Satan who is opposing Bible study, the baptism in the Holy Spirit, baptism in water, salvation by grace through faith and not by works and tradition. It is Satan who is doing all he can to make new believers separate themselves from fellowship and involvement in Biblical churches. It is Satan who is opposing free praise and worship in the churches. It is Satan who is opposing the message of faith and the message of repentance. It is Satan who is opposing revival, evangelism and the call to prayer and fasting. Satan is also doing what he can to keep Christians from learning the truths about deliverance from demons so he can keep them in bondage. Through all these means of deception, he works to keep Christians from doing the will of God and therefore from being effective.

Satan is also working through fear, discouragement, accusation and strife. These are only just some of his devices. We need wisdom and power from God to overcome them, and a steadfast refusal to compromise with sin. God is calling us to walk in love, in the Word, and by the Spirit of God. Then we can overcome Satan’s devices and frustrate his purposes.

Satan can cheat you out of your blessings, out of your house, your family, your business, your car, your children, your future, your parents… and you will never even know its him, unless you are in God and pray for redemption and God shows you these things.
I had a dream one afternoon while I was much older that was so vivid I can still remember it clearly. God was coming and I was not ready. I saw Him on the clouds on a gold and white coach pulled by white horses with thousands of angels on white horses and angels without horses. I was so scared in this dream because I was not ready for Him. When I awake I was sooo glad that it was only a dream that I had. From that time on I use to get visions. Visions of Jesus and the angels. I would see angels around me all the time. I became born again in Christ and whenever I pray and talked with God I would immediately receive an answer from the Lord in a vision or thru my bible. Yes, the bible is very much alife and the Lord till this day speaks thru the bible to me.
My children and me received a lot of visits from Satan and his demons. If anybody thought that satan and his demons are not real. This is your wake-up call. They are real and are busy to destroy your life on a daily basis. I could not get a job and never could understand why not. I never could sleep peaceful during the evenings. Demons would surround me and I had to fight them at night. I use to sit up in the evenings with my bible at Psalms and read all the Psalms, I prayed, I talked to God. One day while I was washing clothes outside, a man came to my house. His name was George and he called himself a prophet of God. He told me that I was also a prophet of God and that he was sent by God to make it clear to me that I had to baptize me. I told him what I was going thru and he said that God already made it clear unto him.
Mama and Papa broke up and mama and me moved to Rehoboth. We stayed in a small room at the back of the yard of someone. This woman was a Christian who believed she and her church was the only ones saved and the rest was sinners. My children could never play in her yard, she was always looking for their foot prints in her yard and complaint about it. Mom and me were planning to look out for another place to stay and we prayed in earnest to God.
The time that we stayed in this woman’s backyard it was a nightmare. Their were a plague of black ants that would continuely stung us, the kids became so scared and we had to keep a tin of doom always nearby. Richardo and dad decided to take the money that mom used to get thru GIPF from her. Now we were just living on handouts. What would a mother do for her kids? I went from house to house with a cup and begged for food for my children. Here a cup of mealiemeal and there a cup of bread meal was given to me. If I only could get a job but it seemed that no one even wanted me to work at there shops or at their homes, I would have done anything just to see my children properly dressed and feed.
Mama was in such a shock that day in the bank that she nearly was run-over by a car. She came home white as a ghost and we cried together. Mama was so heartbroken that one of her favorite sons could do that to her. Dad was staying with Richardo and they planned together and took the money support from mama. It was a devastating blow for her and I called Roelien to ask her to please come pick up mama as it looks like she could anytime have an attack. Roelien came driving from Windhoek that same day and pick up mama. But mama did not want to hear about a hospital. She stayed for a few days with Roelien and came back again. Now we really had nothing to eat and mom decided that she will bake cake as she previously had done and sell it in Windhoek for a living for us to survive. There was days that the kids had only porridge to eat. I could not allow myself to eat as I was looking on how my kids suffered. I usually just drank water, jugs and jugs full of it to fill my empty stomach. Even at night when the hunger cramps was really working, I just filled my tummy with water again and prayed for a miracle to happen.
It was during this time that the house next door became vacant and we moved to it after I gave it a thorough clean-up. In the beginning everything went fine but within a few months, evil things started to happen. Although food was non-existant inside the house, we still loved each other very much. Mama was gone to Windhoek baking away and I was alone with my children. All of a sudden the kids started to see evil spirits. There is a spirit that I have always seen. He is wearing a black head, a black suit, with a long black coat, black gloves and black shoes. This spirit represented trouble or death. I knew that, I don’t know how, but I knew and I could always sensed it around me before I saw it. In this house was also a spirit of two women, one older then the other.
Brandon was the one that usually saw the spirits first in the house. One night while we were laying in the yellow room, Brandon told me not to put out the light since there was a blonde older woman standing next to the cupboard and the light and this woman was looking at me directly. I did not see it and therefore I did not believe him. He nearly got histerical about it, so I did not put off the light and just told him to pull the cover over his head. That night while the light was still on, the spirit of this woman came and awake me. She never opened her mouth. She had on an old white long sleeved blouse with the blonde hair and she told me her name. Silvia. They did not want us to live in the house.
One day Brandon my eldest son came from school and told me about the people that came into the yard talking and just disappeared. He described them to me and I did not believe them. That night I was in my spirit outside the house and I saw the woman that Brandon had described to me. When that woman saw me she came within a flash to me and I found that I was again within my body. This woman fought with me. We were fighting in bed, I just had to fight back or she would have killed me. She left but I felt very uncomfortable as I got the notion that she did not want us there.
After both these visitations we decided to move to the blue room which was next to the yellow room. I do not know but here in this room I came to the conclusion that I could not get attacked but the spirits was lurking in the other rooms. The kids was even scared to go to the bathroom I had to escort them. I became a mess. I was always hungry and now I could not sleep! I packed up the kids and we commuted to Windhoek to my sisters’ house. There no one wanted to believe me or the kids and I ended up asking dad to come stay with me in Rehoboth.
In the time that I stayed in Rehoboth it was one of the greatest hardships for us. I did not have a job, mom only received GIPF pension money of my dad and use to commute on a weekly basis to Windhoek. Mama baked cake for us to live. I remembered how I used to pray to God to sent us food. I use to sent my kids to school without food and with an empty stomach and they use to come back with porridge without sugar from their school for me and the baby. I use to talk to God and pray to Him in earnest every day of my life, it became a battlefield for me. On a Sunday morning when we woke up there was no food in the house. I started to pray to God and while I was busy praying I heard someone called me outside. I said sorry to the Lord and said I will come back and pray further now let me just hear what my neighbor wants. The neighbor at the back was calling me in all earnest while I was in the middle of my prayer, cause she had received a rump of buck meat and she and her son does not eat it. She asked me whether I would like to have it. I was so glad, I praised the Lord and she gave it to me. When I came into the house, the children was so glad. There I saw how fast God could work, if you believe in Him and call out in all earnest to Him.
I always prayed so hard and in all earnest with an open heart and God gave me visions in all these mess. He took my spirit out of my body one day and I stood on the front stoop of this house. A light was shining down on me from heaven and a voice from heaven spoke to me. I could not understand what it said but my spirit was so glad, I rejoiced and praised and danced while the voice was speaking to me. Afterwards I was back in my body. This happened often.
My brother, Richardo, called me one day when he remembered that he still had a sister. It was one of those days that my barns were empty, we were eating rice with worcestersauce and to make it worse, it was Jeandre’s birthday. He asked to speak to my son and asked what he was doing and JJ as we call him said we are eating rice with worcestersauce. Cardo as we call him now, could not believe it and asked to speak to Brandon and he confirmed that indeed that was what we were eating. That was the last cup of rice that I had in the house. He sent a friend with a taxi to deliver money to me to buy some food and for me to come to Windhoek the next day so he and his wife could give me meat and more money to take with me. I thanked the Lord for that afterwards.
Mama moved to Swakopmund and I was now alone in Rehoboth.
Dad came and stayed with me and the children. God gave me a temporary job. I started to work for three months. I had to stand up at 04h00 am to commute to Windhoek. I enjoyed my work a lot and God blessed us, there were food again in the house. Dad was staying behind with the kids. Dad and my two sons was sleeping in the yellow room now, while my baby girl, Selena, and me was sleeping in the blue room. We were happy and Satan saw this and was not happy.
One morning after I left early for work, dad prepared breakfast for the kids. It was about 5:30 am before they had to leave for school. Dad did not hang curtains in their bedroom so you could look through the window or someone else could look inside the bedroom.
That morning while dad was preparing breakfast and made the kids ready for school, the kids called him from the bedroom telling him that there was something ugly and evil at the window. This ‘thing’ the kids and my father explained to me as something with knives, long sharp teeth with bloody yellow eyes and full of hair, even on the face. This ‘thing’ was also swinging the knives around and dad ran into the room cause the kids was shouting and he saw it too. He said it was the most ugliest thing that he ever had seen.
When you are on the road of God, do not think that the devil will not try his best to scare you off that road or to entize with ‘good life on earth’. He will try his best to get you off that road. He will tell you how he is mightier that God, he will even come and visit you if he sees that God are going to use you mightily. He will do anything to destroy and hurt you and your family.
I decided to move to Swakopmund and dad moved to my grandmother’s house.

Mom and I always used to pray together. The demons did not like it when I rested or prayed. It came to a point where they tried to kill me. One evening at home they awoke me at twelve midnight and started to fight with them, although at that stage I could not see them, I could feel them. It seemed like there was a lot of them in my room attacking me. I called out to the Lord and prayed on the Psalms. While I was praying and talking to God and chasing out the demons I became so tired, it came to the point where I could not keep my eyes open anymore, but I kept on praying. I was not afraid anymore of these demons, I became mad at them. I prayed and called out to God to please help me and He touched me. He touched me from the crown of my head with a warmness that went slowly through my body end ended at the tips of my toes. I felt so peaceful then and could feel that the demons have left. But my battle did not end there. God gave me a vision that night and showed me how I fight against the demons. He showed me how the demons looked, these evil vicious monsters. They were everywhere in my room and on the roof of my bedroom. I saw it as clearly as day. The Lord took my spirit outside while my body was in the room and showed me how it looked outside with the curtains drawn back.
What I saw was the heavens were full of dark things flying around. I was wondering first what it was but then I had a nearer view and saw that it was demons. They were flying around in thousands and the Lord showed me in the sky. When I looked I saw two catlike eyes shining like diamonds. I looked and saw that it was an enormous huge snake with a crown, crawling around the demons and coming towards me. I was not afraid because I knew that God was with me and the snake could not touch me. God showed me that night that the devil and the demons is true, they do exist and that people should open their eyes and see the truth. God doesn’t want anyone of us to loose this battle, because earth is a battleground and all of us are warriors that need to fight the good fight to see God and Heaven.
That morning after I praised God and thanked Him mightily for rescuing me that night. I thought that everything was over cause I even saw an angel when I finished praying and opened my eyes passing by my bedroom window. I was so excited I called my mom and told her. By now mom was so used to the gifts that I had that she just listened.
The following night before we went to bed we locked every door and closed every window. We prayed and slept that night. About halve the night I got a terrible dream that I could see myself laying in bed but I in my spirit was looking towards the small gate. Now let me tell you the structure of the flat that we were staying in. Then you get in at the small gate, the flat was long like a train with outside doors to each room except the kitchen area. That night I have decided to sleep in my moms room and I could see myself sleeping but my spirit was awake and I felt first such a great scariness, I looked to the gate and what I saw I became so afraid. I saw a demon entering the gate and I knew that he came to visit me. It looked like a cow and a bear at the same time. It had red eyes and horns on its head, it walked up straight with hoofs like a goat. It passed by my bedroom and came straight to the bedroom where me and my mom was sleeping. We made sure that night that all the doors were locked but I was standing there in my spirit and the door was open and this demon came inside. It spoke in English with me. It told me how much it hated me. This demon said that he wants to see me suffer, that he wants to see me die a slow death. He boasted how he wanted to kill me but said that he will keep me for last. I was so scared. He went over to my mom’s bed and sat there. He told me that he will start killing of my family one by one. But he will keep me for last so that I can suffer and see all my family members die in front of me. While he was speaking he was beating my mom in this strange dream or vision that I had.
He told me if I does not stop with what I was doing he would kill us all. I became so scared. He told me that there is nowhere to run and I have nowhere to go cause he would for sure follow and knows everything about me. He even became boastful and told me that even God could not do anything to him since he is sooo powerful and mighty. I grabbed the bible but it slammed the bible out of my hand and told me it was worthless. He told me that he will be back and left. I went back in my body and my eyes opened. I was so scared but I talked to God about it. I lied awake all night and could not wait for the morning to come. Early morning I told mom what happened, she was my confidant and my friend. I told her how this demon had beaten her while she slept and said that he would kill all of my family members and will leave me for last so that it can see how much I will suffer.
Mom and me prayed to God and asked protection. During the afternoon time mom had a worried look on her face and I asked what was wrong. She told me that her ulcer started to bleed and she discharges blood. I told her that I was going to call the ambulance. The ambulance did not come, so I called up mom’s friends and Antie Martha and Antie Daisy came and took mom to the hospital from where she was transferred by ambulance to Windhoek Hospital. She was in hospital for almost two weeks before she was released again.
I just kept on praying to the Lord. I eagerly read my bible during the day with a burning inside of me looking for answers. I prayed to God and asked Him for deliverance from all this evil.
Mom came back and we were so happy to be together again, but the nightmare went on. We moved from the flat in town to another flat in Vineta. But still it did not stop. It got worse. Now I could hear them during the day whenever they are on their way to me. I don’t know how but I could hear them in my right ear when they were on their way and in my left ear I could hear the angels. I could hear their wings flapping and I prayed and prayed to God. I became a maniac in praying, as I prayed like never before. Evenings at twelve I still was fighting for my kids and my life. I became like someone on drugs, I did not get enough sleep. During the day I prayed and had to take care of the baby and the kids, at night I had to fight the demons. Whenever you entered my bedroom at night, you could feel the evil lurking in this room.
At night I did not want the kids to wakeup at night so I used candlelight to pray and read my bible. Sometimes a force will blow out the candle. It became a habit that mom before we sleep would come into the room and bless the children and me with olive oil and prayed over us. One night she tried to go to the bathroom but could not enter my room since you have to walk thru my room to the bathroom. The demons pushed her out of the room and I had to fight them alone while mom prayed for me in her room. I became fed-up being harassed every night by satan and his demons and my relationship with God became stronger and stronger. The stronger my relationship with God got the stronger the demons were fighting me to the point of exhaustion in the evenings.
I decided to fast till I get redemption from the satan and his army. I fasted for three days and the Lord is Almighty. I cried before the Lord in all earnest and with an open heart, begging Him to help me. I laid outstretched before Him and begged and pleaded Him everytime. On the first day the Lord gave me a vision of a tree outside my window, a very big tree with its branches reaching into heaven. I talked with the Lord and asked Him what this tree means. When I opened my bible it opened on the tree in Nebukadneser. I was speechless. The third day God gave me another vision. It was about afternoon time and I saw myself standing outside our old house in Rehoboth. From heaven a sky opened and a light fell on me. I saw also a man dressed in a biblical time robe dressed came towards me. He took me down on my knees and prayed with me. We prayed together. While this man who I don’t know prayed over me, this light in heaven was shining down on me, after the prayer ended, he was still there with me till the light in heaven was gone. When I came to I immediately knew that I was free from the demons.
I praised God Almighty and served Him. During this time after my redemption I served God with a fever inside me. I prayed day and night to Him, I served Him gladly. He gave me dreams and visions. I became His servant. Mom and me started to pray for a house. We prayed daily and the Lord answered our prayers. He gave us a house in Swakopmund that we rented. Everything we prayed for during this time, we got. I became a vessel for the Lord and had communion with Him on a daily basis. Since I was not working at all, my life was totally dedicated to Him. When I walk to the shop I would talk to God, while I was dishes I would praise Him, there was not a moment that He was out of my thoughts.
We moved into this house that the Lord gave us for rent. The demons came back. One night after I prayed and went to sleep, I saw in my spirit that the window of my bedroom stood open. I went to close it and this very demon that came to me the first time came to the window. I spoke with authority: ‘I plead the blood of Jesus over me and my children and you cannot come near me anymore’ and it made fun of me saying in a childish voice like small kids usually do when making fun of one another ‘ I plead the blood of Jesus over me, I plead the blood of Jesus over me’ and I faced him and said, ‘Yes, I plead the blood of Jesus over me and you cannot come near me again’. He left. The next night I heard how a wolve was howling and walking around the house. I was in my spirit and saw this wolve, also walking on its hind legs, howling wanting to get in to get to me. I was praying in my spirit and knew that God will not let it come near to me.
People who never experienced this will think that this is a crazy story that is made up. But I beg you to please believe that it is the truth. I saw these things with my own eyes and I can still see them when I am allowed to see them. These things are deadly, dangerous and are not to be played with. Satan and demons can destroy your life and your family’s life if you give them the chance. Why do you think there are alcoholics, crackheads, murderers, thieves…etc, its the demons that Satan sents out everyday to destroy our lifes. Its their job to bring our souls to Satan. The earth is their playground.
All of us, our eyes are closed we cannot see what is really going on in the spiritual front. There is daily war waging. Daily the demons taking souls with them. Why? Because the world systems have closed the eyes of the nation. It is time for the nation to open their eyes and see the truth what is going on around them. God is reaching for us, but since we cannot see because we pray not, do not read the bible because there is no time, we are too busy with our lifes, the demons and satan is stealing away your blessings, your family, your children, your life, your house, your marriage, your friends!
I believe if mom and me were strong during the time of her battle and knew all these things, we would have won the war. Yes, it is a war. This war wages every day of our lifes. OPEN YOUR EYES WORLD and see what is going on around you. Mom and me was not at that time so ‘into God’. We did not at that time prayed together.
Believe me, during the day you are in work and after five you are too tired to open your bible or to pray when you go to bed, but you’re not tired to watch your favorite program on tv. That is idolizing. And God is the only One that you must idolize.
It became very clear to me that the more I prayed and have communion with God the stronger I got, the more I was seeking Him in everything I do. I usually clean the house early in the morning and from that time mom and me prayed together. I prayed and read my bible every day constantly. I started to pray for my husband to return.
God set in my path a prophet, his name is Immanuel and I went and look for him. He prayed for me during that time also so that my husband could return. Immanuel is a very gifted man, a prophet from God and is used mightily by God.
Mom use to pray with me and on this specific day, mom was in her room and I in mine when I got a vision of a baby in heaven. I saw it as clear as day. On the baby’s head was something. I could not see what it was and I effortlessly could go within the blink of an eye I was with the baby and could see that the baby had a white boat on its head. This vision felt like it was more than an hour but when I came to I saw that it was not even a minute. I went to mom and told her what happened and she said: ‘maybe your husband is on his way’. I did not believe. It was a Tuesday afternoon. I went back inside my room and prayed to God and asked Him what this vision meant. When I opened my bible it opened at the laws of marriage and how married couples should live. I was shocked and asked God if He was mocking me since He knows that although I am married does not have a husband. I closed the bible. Prayed again. Opened the bible again. It opened again at married couples and lessons on how to behave in marriage. I became angry. I closed my bible and prayed to God. I put the bible away for the day and asked God why He was still mocking me. Wasn’t it enough that my brothers and sister was already mocking me, calling my husband a ‘shadow’. The Lord kept quiet but everytime I opened the bible it was about marriage. It went on for the whole week. The next week I received a phone call on the Tuesday telling me that my husband is looking for me. I could not believe it. Mom and me went to Walvisbay the next day and went to a prophet’s house where mom stayed behind while I went to the harbor with one of the sisters. Usually no-one are allowed to get inside on foot inside the harbor but that day they allowed us to walk into the harbor. Inside I prayed that it must be the truth and I talked to God in my inner-self and told Him if this is true I would serve Him gladly and praise Him daily.
We came to a gate and I called the security guard. I gave him a photo of my husband and me. Now comes the tricky part. There were a lot of boats in the harbor, nearly all of them was white. I asked this guy to go to a certain boat and to show the people on that boat the photo and asked for that man on it. He came back after awhile and told me, ‘your husband will come now, he is there’. I was shocked, I could not believe this. How could this be true. My husband has left me the day after our marriage to go on sea and only after two years came back. I saw him and his friend came walking to us and what a happy reunion it was. We were like people freshly in love although we had two daughters by then.
I was deeply in love with the Lord. I use to pray and immediately receive an answer through scripture or when I finished prayer I immediately ‘knew’ or ‘saw’ the answer.
By God’s hand I received my first permanent job after three years searching for a job. I prayed for a job constantly and God saw in my heart that this was an earnest prayer and he granted my wish. The time when my husband came back to me was the time that I received this job. Multiple blessings poured out over my family and me. I prayed and God showed me that my aunt and uncle are on their way with good news for me. I went outside where mom was tending to her flower beds and asked her if Aunt Anna and Uncle Jockie had arrived yet. Mom was very surprised and said she did not know that they were supposed to visit. I went inside and at that time they came and mom called me. I knew then that I was on my way to a job God had picked for me. I went for the ‘interview’, signed the same day the contract and started the next day. God is truly amazing! And He put it inside me that I knew all this would happen beforehand. It is something that I cannot explain. That time I was under God’s grace and it was incredible. Our house was blessed financially and our cupboards was blessed, all our paths were blessed, blessings poured in endlessly. From our family in Swakopmund came to our house for food and we use to give them fish, vegetables, wine, of everything there was in our home.
Prophet Immanuel phoned and asked if I wanted to give a testimony of how God gave back my husband to me. I agreed and mom, my brother and me went that day to Walvisbay. It was at a hall that they had this church function and we stepped inside. The hall was full of people and their was a pastor/prophet from South Africa there. I gave my testimony and this pastor prophesized over my life. He said that God is going to bless me and I will see His blessings with my own eyes. I was wondering all the time, I already have blessings, what else could I want! What I did not know. During the earlier years when I was younger I longed to have twins, although I never spoke to anyone about it, I kept it to myself, God knew about this secret I kept deep inside me and I totally forgot about this.
This happens if you have an earnest relationship with God and you love Him and serve Him in every way. He will give you everything you ask, it is the wholly truth. He loves us unconditionally. He answers immediately, He is effective, He blesses you amazingly, He sets out for you a double portion of blessings every day.
I also had visions of the sea, a tsunami that hits Swakopmund and I would get that vision again and again. It was so vividly that I would see in that rolling waters, the people inside it, broken, dead. I was weeping constantly and wanted desperately for my family to move out of Swakopmund. I would ask God when this would happened and I received an answer: ‘Soon’.
I wanted to know the exact time but I never received it from the Lord.
God showed me once day in a vision black clouds hovering in the sky. I asked God in the vision what it meant and he told me it was ‘hoaring’. But it was said in afrikaans: ‘Hoerdery’ I did not really understand who and what. But then I got a dream and in this dream I went to my mother’s friend house, and we were sitting on the couch in the dream in her sitting room and I again saw the black clouds outside on top of her house. I told her in the dream of the black clouds. When I awake from this dream I knew that I had to go to her house and told her about the vision and the dream that I had. It turned out that her husband had affairs behind her back.
I loved it when God gave me visions and dreams that follows to lays out the visions, explaining where I should go and deliver the vision. That was really cool of Him.
My husband came from sea and we were so in love like teenagers. Don’t be fooled and think that the devil can’t break you up. He can if you are not on watch! That’s what he did to me. My husband is a Catholic and he did not believe in prayer. I used to pray for him in the mornings, I took his hand and prayed for him before he went to work for God to free him and make him see his ways is wrong.
My husband was the type that did not even wanted to visit my church. He was playing games on his cellphone in our bedroom, when the people from church was visiting. I became disheartened. I talked to God about this but God kept quiet. If I had only knew what I knew then, that God was testing me, I never would have walked away from the Lord. Like I said I became disheartened and my husband was party type. Every weekend there was a party at our house and I wanted to please my husband so I joined in this parties. It came to the point that I later on partied without him when he was on sea. The time when he was home, we partied non-stop. I forgot about serving God and I openly idolized my husband. Yes, today I know that I have gave God a lot of pain and grieve by idolizing my husband. I could not take it anymore that my husband was sometimes at night working and I was jealous. My mind was working overtime that he was at another woman. He also became very jealous of me and it ended up that he would come and sit at my office sometimes from lunchtime till I knock off 5 o’clock. I became a partyhead, forgot about praying and the bible and God, who I was suppose to put first in my life. I lost contact with God, or so I thought.
Can you see how the devil operated. Through my husband firstly, who never believed in praying for your own salvation. Catholic fathers are praying for their ‘children’s sins’, they only go and confess their sins and the father say, ‘You are forgiven’. Which is a very bad system since these poor people never learn to trust in God, they do not have a relationship with God and are wide open to attacks from Satan. How can you go to church and go and idolize a statue of Jesus where He is on the cross. Jesus was on the cross, but He came down from the cross and is a living sacrifice for us. You go to church and kiss the statue. That is plain idolizing. I believe God does not want that. How would you feel if it was your child and the people keeps Him hanging on the cross, they does not see Jesus as resurrected and sitting on the right hand of God being an intercessor for us. Jesus is alife and its time that we all understand that. All of us can have a perfect life relationship with God. It is the truth I am rebuilding my relationship with God now.
I became once again a sinner and my life went down the drain. I went on drinking sprees, partying with friends and the tragedy was that my marriage failed the test. I began to hate my husband for it. During the beginning of the year 2008 I went to the doctor as I have broken my wrist while I was drunk. My husband took me and the doctor also took a sonar of my stomach cause I also had a pain and I thought it was one of my kidneys giving trouble.
The doctor said it look like I am pregnant but we did not want to believe and did not listen. I don’t know why we did not listen to him. But he advised that we go see a private doctor since himself does not know much about this. We never went, but I soon found out that I was pregnant but I never expected that it was twins. My husband wanted me to abort our kids, and I told him I would. But deep in my heart I knew that I could not do that. As the baby was growing (We still thought it was one baby) I became attached to him more and more. My husband came with the story that he had to go to his country cause there was some problem with this papers. During that time I was already five months pregnant with twins. He left on 20th June 2008 and never returned again, knowing I was pregnant.
The last night we slept together before he left, I had this terrible dream of my husband coming to me with blood running from his mouth. He looked like a vampire with blood running down the side of his mouth towards his chin and I became scared and immediately awoke from this dream. I awoke him and told him about the dream I had but we could not understand the dream.
After my husband left, I went to the doctor and he informed me after the first sonar that I am having twins. God still gave me according to His word, my inner-heart’s desires. I gave birth at the Cottage Hospital in Swakopmund and my mom and my brother, whom I love sooo very much, Victor, was my source of strength. Victor has character, stability and you can basically count on him for anything. He was there when I went to theatre, waiting patiently outside the theatre till the babies were born, he was like a father to them. He was the first to see them when they were born, he lifted the flags outside the hospital for the babies to tell the world of the new arrivals. He became their father. The day I left hospital he came and took us home. When I did not have enough money for the kimbies or milk of the babies, Victor and mama was always there for me. Mama spoke blessings over the twins and I knew then that god have really seen deep within my heart.
I was still working for NWR (Namibia Wildlife Resort) and we and the Sales Department was sent throughout Namibia by our MD to visit the different resorts. It was very beautiful and breathtaking sightseeing and we enjoyed it a lot. We went as far as Lianshulu. The view was breathtaking there. When we arrived at Lianshulu, my colleague and me went inside our bungalow, each of us took a quick shower, we were exhausted from the trip to there and went for a quick nip before we had to have sundowners on the river by sunset. An angel came again and took my spirit out of my body to a place I do not know. It looked like a desert. The angel was infront of me and I was at the back of him. I was looking over his shoulder. I clearly remember that I stood a little way back from him since I could not look that easily over his shoulder. He was very tall and his back was always to me so I could not see his face.
When I looked over the angel’s shoulder I saw a face in heaven that was speaking to me.
I knew by then that when God wanted to speak to me, although I never understood what he said that great things was on its way for me.
We relocated to Windhoek again. My grandmom was on her sickbed and died a short while thereafter. Mom and me stayed in the house with the kids.
Although I was unfaithful to God, He never gave up on me. God gave me dreams at night, from the time I arrived in Windhoek. One night after my grandmom’s death I dreamt that I was outside and I looked up at heaven I kept falling on my face. I did not have the strength to stand up. This happened three times that I fell on my face. Every time that I tried to stand up I fell down again. It was like my limbs became weak. I looked up towards heaven and saw an eagle on my right hand side and in front of me also in the sky was Jesus standing there with a lamb in his arms. Behind Him was a white ladder and angels was climbing up and down on it. Jesus was just standing there and looking at me.
I told mama the following morning what I saw.
I tried to get on the road of God again. But when you fell off and you were as deep as I was before, it seems like a very difficult task. That is what the devil wanted me to think.

I thought that I will never make it to where I was before. I felt that I was not good enough for God anymore and although I knew I cannot live without Him, I just could not get myself to praise Him. I tried very hard. I would start to pray for a few days and even in the evenings.
The amazing part is that God was ALWAYS listening to my prayers even when I was full of sin and He knew that I would not pull through. I would pray in the evenings at midnight for hours on end. I would praise the Lord as He says ‘come into my courts with song and praise and dancing. I sang new songs to Him, like I used to do.
God never let go of me. He kept on talking to me through my spirit by giving me dreams and visions.
One night I prayed at the midnight hour to God, laying my petitions in front of His feet, maybe it was more that an hour and God sent His angel to me. After I prayed I went to sleep. I awoke by a very very white and bright light shining in my room but I could not open my eyes to see it. The light was warm but it did not burn me, the light was so bright that I could see the whiteness and brightness of it through my eyelids. I could sense that someone was inside all that brightness and this person moved to where I was laying on my bed.
He stood at my side and he lifted me slowly. My body was lifted evenly, I could feel it. I could not open my mouth to speak and there was also no communication between us. I was still laying on my back but now I was laying on air. It felt like He was working on me. There was a warm touch to my forehead. It seemed like something warm was placed there at the spot between my eyes while He was working on me from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. I wanted to see who it was and wanted to open my eyes, try as I may I could not open my eyes.
I cannot honestly say if it was Jesus or one of His angels that He have sent that evening. He worked on me so softly and tenderly that I nearly did not feel anything, it was as if my body or spirit was checked for something, I do not know what and as if something was placed inside or worked on.
After He finished, He turned me on my back so slowly and tenderly. I became aware that when I was turned on my back, I could open my eyes. My eyes was open and I saw myself about more than 30cm above my pillow, my body coming back slowly on my bed and my head to the pillow. I was laid down again softly. I still wanted to see as the light was so bright and even though I would turn my head I would still not see who it was. I waited for my head and body to touch the bed and pillow and turned around. Immediately the light was gone. This time I received an order that I should write this down. I stood up after a while and wrote it down in a book that I had that time.
I love God and I love the way He works with me.
I kept on praying at the midnight hour and one evening Jesus Himself visited me. I was laying in bed after prayer when I was awakened and there stood Jesus at the end of my bed. He was looking at me and He told me that if I keep my eyes on Him always and do what He commands He will certainly give me everything that is written in Deutornomy 28:1-14. While Jesus was talking to me there was also this singing with music that I heard. The song was in another language and I was laying in bed and sang along. I don’t know why I did that. I so much wanted to hear what else the Lord said to me, but I was so busy enjoying the singing and trying to impress the Lord, I just wanted to glorify Him with singing and praise.
This always use to happen. When the Lord is speaking to me it always happens that my spirit cannot stand still, it jumps and dance and praise the Lord endlessly and then I cannot hear the message clearly what is given to me. I mostly only hear the first part of the message. Because then my spirit is enjoying herself too much and I cannot hear but I do hear His voice talking forth.
Very recently I had a dream that Jesus had sent an angel to come and teach me. Inside the dream I knew everything that I was to be taught and I had even saw the angel himself. But when I awake I could not remember what it was that the angel had to teach me.
About a week after this incident, I opened my bible and it fell open where Jesus said that we must not fret about what we gonna eat or drink or wear, cause He is giving food to the birds of heaven and clothe the flowers.
I was talking out loud to myself. I said that I had already been taught about this scripture. The moment my eyes fell on this scripture I also had a ‘flash’ in my mind about thousands of birds, more likely it was crows that I saw, with an eagle at the front flying in the air. I saw it very clear.
I knew that I was ‘taught’ this scripture. Who taught me this scripture? I think that it was the angel that God had sent to teach me.
During last week I was sleeping and awaken. Many things was going through my mind. What came to me was the country Namibia’s anthem.
It never occurred to me before that the national anthem of Namibia does not have one word of Jesus, God or the Holy Spirit in it. All these information was going through my mind and I knew that it must be God that is speaking to me. That is why Namibia is in such a dilapidated state at the moment. All the Namibians are singing happily together the Namibian anthem about the country, idolizing and worshipping the country and its ‘warriors’ that have died for the country. God is the only One who must be idolized and worshipped and praised. There was even statues made for some of these warriors.
I believe that the Namibians did this without knowledge and its because of this fact that God laid it open before my eyes. Everyone that is singing the anthem is committing sin in the eyes of the Lord.
Did you ever sit and think why there is more oppression in the country, murder, rape, theft, everything evil that you can think, of had already happened in Namibia.
I have given my life to Jesus again and this time it will be forever. I do not intend to let Satan steal my soul and blessings again. I know now how to deal with satan and his demons and I am not scared of them. I have gone through loads of experiences and knows that satan just wants to steal and deceive us, yes he is the king of deception.
It is very interesting to serve the Lord and have conversations with Him.
I want others to also follow the Lord and if my testimony can reach the world and can touch someone I will be glad that I could be of service to the Lord.

God Bless.

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