Domestic Abuse

May GOD bless all!
My name is Vickie I want to share my real life testimony about Domestic Abuse. Since I was born and when I left my ex-husband for 23 years of abuse it was over for me. For those who are going through what I went through this will encourage you and all. Since I remember I was rape when I was a child and abuse by my mother.My father wasn’t a abuser and never been. I was the oldest of four sisters. I was the blacksheep of my sisters.I didn’t have a normal childhood as well like a teenager.. My childhood was doing house chores and go to school.When I became a teenager the same old thing house chores, babysitting and taking care my sisters while they have fun. My parents work for always and I did the chores and go to school. At the age 21 I wanted to get married a have a normal life. GOD gave me three wonderful adult childrens that are married. My ex-husband was a abuser. He drank in the weekend with friends and relatives and come home drunk waking me up to attend him. He would verbally offended me that will hurt my feelings.I wasd rejected, humillated, low esteem, curse, everything that you can imagen. I couldn’t ask my ex for money because he ask me why I wanted for! Thanks GOD I NEVER IN MY LIFE USE ANY TYPES OF SUBSTANCES (DRUGS OR ALCOHOL). I just wanted to buy my personal cloths and household items. I was very afraid to ask him for money.It takes me thousands times to ask him for money. But for my three childrens he give the world for them.I kept this abuse by my self. I didn’t want my children to know about what I was going through with my exhusband. By, that time of my abuse I pray to GOD that if someday my children get married I will leave him. Well, 23 years of my marriage I finally made it to a END. I left him for all the abuse, rejection, humillation, low self esteem and etc. I became homeless and nothing in my life. I didn’t turn down to GOD at all. I had always called “HIM for help! God was there for me. I lived in shelters and shelter, friends. I didn’t want to bother no one. My mother was very upset with me because I had left my exhusband. She called me bad words! Time passes by I had worked for Disney and start a new life. I have met new chrisitans friends in Disney. I became ill on 2007 that I couldn’t work anymore for Disney. But my FAITH IN THE LORD WAS SO STRONG! With all that suffering and abuse I stil love my enemines such as my mother and exhusband. My heart was so clean for GOD and for those who had hurt me. I really do LOVE my family. My mother was getting very sick. I went to travel to Puerto Rico to see her. In her deathbed and her condition I told her How much I loved her! She looked at me straight from her eyes and tears came down in her cheeks. I cried too becuase I knew deep down my heart and soul how she felt. I had spend it with her for three months, I took care of her, About 2 months ago she had pass away with the LORD. I did went to my mom funeral and she was a beautiful. I know that she is with the LORD. My father is alone and widow I call him to hear how he’s doing? I preach the word of GOD to him.He doing fine and if GOD permits it I will traveling to see my wonderful father.Daddy I Love you! And for my sisters I pray for them and I get alone very well with them. May GOD bless my sisters! And for my exhusband I will help and serve him too if he needs me. LOVE YOUR ENEMIES. I will always keep helping & serving others who needs my help. The way I help and serve my mother I be there for my Exhusband too.. Remember, no matter what are you are going through GOD IS IN CONTROL! May GOD bless you ALL!

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