Divorce and Remarriage Issues – towards a solution

One of the most troubling issues facing anyone who seeks to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ is the issue of how to understand the will of God when it comes to divorce and remarriage. In this article, I am seeking to provide a commonsense answer to many of these issues which provides hope to […]

Understanding the Problem and Peril of Humanity

Understanding The Problem and Peril of Humanity Synposis: According to the Bible, mankind is in trouble because God is holy and we are unholy. We were originally made good but we became bad. Our parents sinned and their sin affected us. And their parents in turn sinned, all the way back to Adam and Eve, […]

Thankfulness to God, and Taking on Humility Before God

Thankfulness to God, How to Start Praying and Living with Humility and Trust in God 1. Question for Discussion: How Important is it to be thankful to God? Answer: The Importance can be seen by the emphasis on this in the New Testament and also the Psalms. Give thanks to the Father. He has made […]

Proposed Outline for Discipleship Course

This morning I wrote this outline for a basic discipleship course. It may still have some major holes in it – even in the outline, but it may be better and more practical than many others. There is so much to learn for a new Christian. Where to start? Please comment using Facebook comments below. CHRISTIAN […]

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