Dilema of a long distance love

How sad it is to be so far away from the person you love the most. everyday you will caught yourself so helpless because you cannot do anything but just dream and wish he’s in your side. Every time you wanted to hold that someone your heart will be filled with sadness because of the fact that you cannot even see that person on that very moment, how much more to hold him/her and hug or cuddle?
this is my life right now and its so hard. I know in my heart that i love him and wanted to see him and hold him and hug so tight like i don’t want him to leave again. Every single day I’m always praying that he would come back for me as soon as possible.
Its so sad to think that what i can do for him right now is to communicate. I know its the best thing to do but i think its still not enough. I’m so scared that what if one day he would say it’s not gonna work anymore? we are so far from each other and this relationship will not work.” I am so scared.. can’t lose him. he’s all i’ve got, he’s all i could run to, he is the love of my life.

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