Different Spheres of Authority

In a previous post I made reference to the problems that can occur when people step beyond the limits of the authority God has given them and try to assert authority over matters which do not belong to them.

Jesus never delegates his Lordship but he does appoint people – both Christian and non-Christian, to have areas of authority in different spheres. What are these spheres?

1. Civil Government. See Romans 13. Christians are called to submit to civil government in matters of public administration.

2. The Family. See Ephesians 5 and 6. Wives are to submit to husbands, children are to obey their parents in the Lord.

3. The Church. 1 Timothy 3, Hebrews 13. We are to submit to the elders God has placed over us (it has to be God).

4. The Workplace. Ephesians 5. Employees/contractors should obey their bosses in this sphere, unless it involves a disobedience to God.

5. The Spiritual Realm. Believers who submit to God have authority over evil spirits.

Within the church, God has appointed different ministries with different spheres of authority. It is important that just because God has given you some authority somewhere that you don’t try to cross over into other areas within church life where God has not appointed you.

I don’t have time now to elaborate much, but I believe these principals are really important even just to outline.

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