Delivered from false doctrine.

I would like to give Jesus the honor and the glory for proving his Word to be true. Psalm 91; 15 a scripture that I pray often.One of the ways in which it has produced deliverance for me is by freeing me from the mental bondage and lack of fruit that charasmatic false doctrines created in my life. I have come to understand that certain understandings in the charasmatic movement are definitively untrue and unfruitful. The false docrine of just speaking to something and it responding the way you want is a great example. I applied Mark 11:22-24 in way that was more a desire to see things change in human strength rather than in divine strength. As I began to allow circumstances and the Holy Spirit to guide me I realized that God was saying that certain situations would not leave becasue they were there to create boundaries and life changes for my life. For example speaking the Word over my biological mother produces no change. Ultimately her will is to remain in sin and she has known enough about the gospel to change if she truly wanted to. Rather the Lord Jesus has allowed her to reamain as she is to remind me that resistance to God’s Spirit produces an increasing state of degeneracy. I am to take up my cross and move forward in spite of. The Word say’s that a man’s foe’s will be they of his own household. I must take up my cross and leave my mother behind. Charasmatic doctirne would have me belive that speaking the Word would change God’s plan for ME, by supposedly supernaturally changing her. Not so. John 8;32 say’s you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. These are hard sayings, but they are the truth. One one doctrine is perverted from the Word of God and the WHOLE counsel of God denied then you will have wasted time and energy doing what is not god’s will. now I am spending more time on listening to a preacher who expounds the Word line upon line and precept upon precept. It has caused dramatic change in short time. I guess you could say that this is both a blog and a testimony. You go ahead and choose which. I do hope some teaching and experience is gained from it. God bless you.

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