Delivered from drug addiction!

 My Testimony



myself was a former drug addict lost in sin. It was over seven years
ago that I came to a point in my life where I didn’t want to exist
any more, the drugs were a total grip on my life, nothing my husband
or my family members said could get me off the drugs. But one evening
I was so depressed I wouldn’t get out of bed, but something spoke to
me and told me to repent, and I did I asked for forgiveness for all
the wrong things I had done and for all the hurt I had caused my
family, as soon as I prayed a bright light came in to my room, it was
like a beam, and I felt this power go through me it was like I had
been wrapped up in angels wings, I felt this power and love go right
through me. And I was healed from that moment on from my drug
addiction and I kicked the habit of smoking too, and I’ve never
looked back, praise God! And for the past seven years God had been
working so many miracles and wonders, and dreams and visions in our
life’s. My husband was also a former drug addict and he’s born again
too, he’s been healed of car crash knee injuries, and so much more
which I will share with you at a later time. God bless and Jesus
loves you.  


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