Dealing with Roman Catholicism

Roman Catholics who believe the doctrines of their church authorities believe that it is impossible to have a saving relationship with Christ without the Sacraments of their Church – such as the Mass, Penance etc. True or false?

If Roman Catholics truly believe that God’s grace only comes through their rituals administered by their priests with “Holy Orders” then are they preaching another gospel? And if they believe the wafer they administer is fully Jesus Christ, are they preaching another Jesus?

So if they do teach this, then all Roman Catholic priests and bishops who fraternize with non R.C. Christians and treat them as Christians are either:

Playing the hypocrite
Practicing Double-think
Disbelieving their own church doctrines
Practicing a kind of dishonest “friendship evangelism”

or some kind of combination of the above? No?

And if this is true for Roman Catholics, isn’t it also true for Protestants who treat those loyal to the Roman Catholic institution and its doctrines as brothers in Christ?

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