Dealing with demonic influence…NOT possession

On Nov. 9th, 2010 I discovered I had demons in my apartment. They seduced me into thinking they were friendly and good…and then by the grace of God I discovered the truth. I have a recording studio…and one day I heard voices other than my own on the tracks I had recorded. Unfortunately, I welcomed these evil spirits and for lack of a better word, I “entertained” them. I would listen to the recordings afterward…and that is when I heard strange sounds and voices…including one that said “…don’t mess with the devil…” When I heard this my entire body shivered…and I immediately destroyed all the recordings I had made and re-dedicated my life to the Lord…as well as pleaded the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. When they found out that I would no longer “play” with them they got very angry. That night a demon roared at me as I slept and awoke me with a shove…then it knocked over things and made a loud clatter. I was terrified and slept with the covers over my head trembling with fear. I had NEVER had to deal with this type of situation before! Then I discovered the next evening that demons can follow you wherever you go. I am a musician…and these things would hold my guitar, vibrate my chair, poke my hand…they would do whatever they could to distract me. At one performance I saw a black mist behind me as I turned around to see what was going on. I called people that I knew were believers and ministers and prayer warriors to help me. They interceded for me. I blessed and anointed with oil my whole apartment. Then I started praying daily, reading the Word, praising the Lord, rebuked them, recited special prayers out loud to rout them…everything I could do to fight these vile, invisible things. They would mostly attack at night when I tried to sleep…poking me, burning my feet (even though I had slippers and socks on!), vibrating my bed, playing with my hair, whispering in my ears, making my muscles twitch, scratching my legs with their sharp nails, tugging on my covers, making my hands and feet move, etc.

This has been going on for almost two months now. It has strengthened my faith and made my Heavenly Father and Jesus as well as the Holy Spirit very real to me. This situation has conquered my fear of death. If these things exist then I KNOW that God exists! He has been so faithful in answering my prayers. I am so grateful. The Word of God has become so much more clearer to me. His Promises more vital and important…I have discovered and learned of many ways to battle these enemies…but the battle is actually the Lord’s. I know that a person reaps what they sow…and that the Lord chastises those He loves. The activity is not as intense now as when it first started…but once I start feeling like I have been delivered they pop up and make their presence known again. Sometimes it makes me very unhappy and frustrated. That is when i ask my friends for prayers to give me strength and endurance.

If anyone here has had these experiences I would very much like to hear from you. What did you have to deal with? How did you make it from day to day? I sometimes see every one around me being so free and enjoying life and unaware and I get envious that I have to deal with this trial. I miss my “normal” life. How long was it before you were delivered? Are there any special prayers you said to deliver yourself?

Your prayers of intercession and faith for deliverance for me would be very much appreciated…

In Him, Stephen

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