Retirement was a big adjustment I had to make when I quit working and moved to a high rise. I never dreamed I would be back in my old home town again. The high rise was situated along the river with a beautiful park across the street from the building. I spent many hours sitting on a bench meditating and wondering how I would spend my time. When I got tired of that I walked up and down the street where I took in the beauty of the river scene.

There is no transportation to be able to go shopping or visiting anyone. There used to be a good bus service and trains I could ride but that all disappeared. If you didn’t have a car you were stuck. While I worked, I lived in an area with good bus service. There were stores near by to supply my needs.

I had a hard time getting acquainted with the other residents. I had nothing in common with them. I sat in my apartment for almost six years except when I had to get out. I didn’t join in any of the activities. After working so many years as a waitress, I decided I needed a rest. All day I sat and watched my favorite videos, mostly musicals and “Pride and Prejudice”. While I did this I got “hooked” on making plastic canvas items. I gave most of them away. Thenanother site. I got into making crocheted Afghans.

God took advantage of the situation. Now He got me where He wanted me. I never sat still long enough to listen for His voice. The movies got boring. I just turned them on for the noise. I went into a depression filled with guilt and remorse for the stupid, dangerous and sinful things I had done. I pushed God out of my life. I realized it was God chastising me before He could get me to admit where I had gone wrong. While I was still working, I wrote 7 series of Mini-Sermons—from 1986-1987. I passed out 100 copies a week. I tried to pass them out at the high rise but only a few would take them. After one lady read them, she said she was moving to Colorado. She would get her daughter to put them on the web. That was something new to me. I did have a computer before but I wasn’t on the internet. It sounded too complicated for me.

She wasn’t in Colorado very long when we got the news that she died. She had put the idea into my head that it was what God wanted me to do and it stuck there. It haunted me day and night. I told people I was going to do it. They laughed at my boldness for even thinking that was God’s will for me. I didn’t have enough money to buy a computer or connect to the internet. It was impossible.

I was told it cost a lot of money to have a web site. I didn’t even know what it entailed. The thought wouldn’t let go. I got tested when my daughter told me about a computer a woman wanted to give away. She was going to Colorado and wanted my daughter to leave her husband and children and go with her. Of course she refused. The woman was still going to let me have the computer. I refused her offer. I had the feeling she was part of a cult. By accepting the gift I would be condoning her actions.

In 2001 I got a letter from my life insurance company. They were opening to the public a chance to buy stock in the company. They didn’t have to buy insurance with them. I was shocked when they also told me I had a certain amount of stock and they were sending me a check for that much. God didn’t let me be aware that I had stock. He knew I would blow it if I cashed it in sooner. It was the exact amount I needed to buy a Gateway Computer and printer. That is just like God to do what you may think is impossible.

It took me about a month to learn to halfway use the machine. I surfed the web to see what I could find on it. I looked for Christian sites. I was pleased to learn that they accepted writings from their readers. If accepted the items would be published. I didn’t have to have my own site and this didn’t cost a cent! I wouldn’t know how to use it anyway. My mind was technically illiterate.

The first place I found was *******. They made me their featured author for a short time and didn’t accept any more. “A featured writer, Me?’ I was always a background type of person. No one ever seemed to notice I was there. I was always ignored.

There is only one thing wrong with the site. A professional journalist gave me the advice that I needed white space between the lines to make it easier to read. I did have some space but they jammed it all together. At least it got my foot in the cyber space door. My picture, bio and articles can still be found there even though the door was closed for me…

Later a woman wanted me to write for her on a woman’s ministry. She made me Leader/Director. That surprised me. I was never a leader or director of anything; not even my own miserable life. God seems to choose the least likely for the job. He enables them so it’s not under their power. This lasted a short time. She had to close the site down because of poor health. God showed me He can open doors and shut them. He continues to do that.

I got on another site in 2002. I was their top writer with 87 articles. I don’t take credit for anything. It is God’s work. I am just His instrument used to get His Word out to hurting people.

I have articles, some the same, on several sites now. I’m not even sure where they all are. I know a couple testimonies are in Ireland. I just started to send different items to another site. Through them I got contacted to write for a Christian newspaper just started. I have a few items on there. He sends me extra papers as pay until he gets on his feet. God is blessing him for jumping in to do the almost impossible without enough money. When God tells yo to do something He supplies your needs. He hasn’t failed getting a paper out each month and it is over a year now since he began. Then he didn’t have the money to continue. I told him not to give up. Sometimes God tests us to see if we are determined. That God probably has something else in store for him.

I write all this to show you there are so many possibilities if you believe God wants you to write. They give you much help to be the best writer you can be. There doesn’t seem to be any jealousy there. They cheer for those who are getting ahead and encourage others to keep on plugging. You don’t become a writer if you don’t keep writing in spite of rejection. You know and God knows if you are a writer. Follow His lead. He is looking down on you, also whatever your call may be.

Like God said in Jeremiah 4:4 (KJV): “Before I formed you in the belly I knew you and before you came forth out of the womb, I sanctified you, and I ordained you a prophet unto the nations.” In these times, with the web, it is much easier to reach more people all over the world.

Jeremiah was limited. Don’t let the word prophet scare you. In the dictionary it means an inspired preacher, a person who speaks for God under divine guidance. It can be an inspired leader or teacher; both male and female.

God knows all of us before we are born. He has our whole life planned. It is up to us whether we follow His plan or not. A writer is the same as a preacher or teacher but on paper and through the air. It is amazing how far it reaches by way of a few key strokes. It reaches people who have never set foot in a church before.

God always inspires people to do even the simplest task if they believe that is what God wants them to do. No one is left out when they are willing to obey and use the talent they have. God gives us gifts but we have to accept them whatever they are or He will give them to someone else. No way could I get up in front of people and sing or play an instrument. Neither could I be a nurse or able to cook and feed the hungry. You will know what your gift is. None are too small.

My cyber space ministry keeps growing. I take no credit. God led me all the way through it. I just obeyed. He stops me at times too and I have a long dry spell. But that is my learning time. From 2001 until now I have met a lot of wonderful people all over the world. They have a great hunger for God and His Word. It is our duty and pleasure to feed them.

Praise the Lord for loving us so much to trust us to take care of His business whatever it is. When something is planted in your heart, it will never leave. You have to follow through.

God bless you.

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