As we move forward towards the ending of times, I have listened to and observe Christians have an anticipation of an end time revival by God. As much as I would like to see this, I doubt seriously if it will happen in today’s current format of Christanity. It is high time that believers come out of ignorance and no longer settle for compromise in the form of tradition. How can you tell if someone has embraced ungodly biblical tradition? If you present them with truth from the Bible, historical information and still they wont change. One of the more dangerous mindset in which a person can have is when they are presented with such truths,and because they want to hold unto a lie, will say “that is just your opinion”. As believers we have to watch what we call as honoring God, and settling for what appears to be right. As a matter of fact plenty of Christians have predetermined what constitutes a big sin in God’s eyes and what is a little sin. In other words sins that involves sexual immorality,cheating, lying, killing and so on are considered taboo, while other sins such as the non willingness to change when truth is presented to them(especailly someone outside of their respected group), until at a much later date. I will now present some facts for you and what you do with them will be on you. The Bible declares that satan is the god of this world 2Cor4:4 and he is the father of lies(John 8:44) so we can biblically conclude that the devil will never lead the world into any full truth about God and Yeshua(Jesus). The body of Christ which is supposed to represent the Kingdom of God, and the enemy which represent the Kingdom of this world, have nothing in common. So why is the world and the Church both celebrating anything on the same day? The world (especially the U.S) are doing everything they can to eliminate anything that has to do with God and Yeshua(Jesus) in any part of the government, or public place and yet it is of great interest that Dec 25th is safe. I know some believers may say it doesnt matter if Christ wasnt born that day because this day cause plenty of believers to pause, reflect and think on Christ. Allow me to respond to that on TWO fronts. Fist of all for most people christmas is just a day to get together with family and friends to eat, chat and have a good social time, and very little of that time is devoted to Christ. There is nothing wrong with getting together with family and friends But how about if we call it like it is and say that we are having a reunioun and not having any kind of biblical spiritual experience. Second of all, from Christ own mouth we have His version on how He wants us to remember him. 1Cor 11:25…”This cup is the new covenant in my blood: do this, whenever you drink it, IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME”. Any attempt to remember Christ without the partaking of this, is ungodly and unbiblical, and is not honorable before Christ or God at all. If we were to read scriptures correctly we are to observe his death and not his birth. It is not for us to have an attitude of believing that it is ok, when Christ himself told us that it is not. If God, Yeshua(Jesus) would have wanted us to know about his birthday, it would be included in the Bible but it is not. This is about as unbiblical as churches and some people at their homes having a supposedly picture of Yeshua(Jesus) hung up on the walls. Now let us get down to the real interesting stuff. This pagan evil day of Dec 25th which was once named the Feast of the Winter Solstice, was once a forbidden holiday in the Protestant/Puritan-Calvinist New England. It wasnt a federal holiday until 1870, all for good reasons. I will not make this longer than I need to, so I will bring out a few more points and close. Gift giving during the Roman festival of Saturnalia were done as good luck emblems and houses were decorated with greenery. The early CHRISTIANS in Rome FROWNED upon such a thing and would have NOTHING to do with ANY part of it. All of what you read can be easliy verified by many,many sources, so I wont go to far into the fact that Dec 25th is the birthday of perhaps the most evil man that has ever lived and will be responsible for more people going to Hell and into the Lake of Fire and that would be Nimrod from the Tower of Babel ( Gen 10&11) He was so wicked that he married his mother and from this union the very first mother/child worship occured. All secret society and occultist have some ties to Nimrod and his mother false religion system. Still need more evidence? The Bible is very clear on how God views things, He doesnt tolerate his people worshipping False Gods or participating in Heathens religious events. Christmas or should we call it by its true name CHRIST MASS has its origins in pagan practices instituted by Rome, which was never truly a christian nation but one mixed with paganism. As the 1st century church christians from the Bible(Paul, Peter,John,Stephen and many, many more) were either being martyred or dying off, the mixing of Christian beliefs and the pagan beliefs of Rome were intertwined and since Rome was the world’s power of the day, most of the world adopted most of their practices and false belief’system. Let us see what the Bible has to say about Christmas or should I say Christ Mass. God commands us to “learn not the way of the heathen” (Jeremiah 10:2, KJV), reveals that pagan celebrations are abominations to Him (Jeremiah 10:3-4; Ezekiel 8:13-14), and tells us not to change what was taught through Christ and the Apostles (2 Thessalonians 2:15). Once this truth is known a true Christian should think long and hard at the idea of celebrating Christmas, realizing that these winter solstice celebrations are indeed Satan’s celebrationsystem. God HATES idols, icons and any graven images, and that Christmass tree is definitely one. God is a jealous God and he hates the devotion given to such a thing. he doesnt like it when His people flirt with anything else. (Ex 20:3-5, 34:14, Deut 4:24, 6:15, 29:20 1Cor 10:22) I can give you pleny of scriptures on how God hates green trees, because they were doing this kind of thing in the Old Testament days(Deut 12:1-4,Jer 2:20, 3:6,13, 10:1-16) False religion is spiritual adultery and need I state the obvious that God has a problem with that as well. Believers cannot flirt of have things in common with the world, as I stated earlier. You cannot be friends with the world it is as like betraying God and cheating on him. He hates everything that the world loves and demands that his people come out from the world. So if the world is celebrating Dec 25th and we know the god of this world is endorsing this day, then it is NO way that ANY christians should do the same. You cannot put your own honour system on Dec 25th and think that it is ok, for Obedience is better than sacrifice (1Sam 15:22-23).

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