Healed of AIDS – testimony that stood the test of time

          Dear Brothers in Jesus-Christ, Greetings in the Lord. I really thank God for the privilege He gives me today to share my Testimony with you. I’m really praying and hoping that my Testimony will strengthen you in the Lord and it will also encourage many more people around the world […]

God Saves Children from a Poisonous Snake

Dear Brothers/Sisiters in Christ, God saves my Children from a Poisonous Snake. I was a Moslem but came to know Christ in 1987. One of the gifts God gave me is to know His voice and of the Holy Spirit. God does this through highlighting scriptures and through the inward impressions of the Holy Spirit. […]

Where is God when you need Him most?

Hi, I’m Melissa Harris, I am a recovering addict and cutter, diagnosed with a mental illness nearly 15 years ago, a proud mom of two boys and wife to Kassie Harris. I am a Spirit-filled, born-again woman of God and I want to share with you where God was when I needed Him most.

Our God is a prayer answering God, He alone is worthy of our worship

Beloved in Christ I have a wonderful testimony to give to the glory of our Father In Heaven. Our God is good all the time . I got to know Christ at the age of 14 and at that time I didn’t know how to handle this Satan put fear in me. I was afraid I was going to be attacked by demons when I decide to pray so I therefore stopped praying, reading the bible and going to church. I was lost in the wilderness without Christ for 11 years. God used some people around to reach me but I refused to listen to them I preferred to live without God and assumed that was ok.



This is a short summary of the testimony by Victoria Nehale

Justin Lippiatt video testimony – deliverance from Alcoholism

Jesus at last!

My name is Lin Bernard Nka. I was born on a quiet Friday afternoon in January 1960.the school bells were striking 4pm, workers were perceiving their very first salaries in a 23 day old independent Cameroon…I was a son of hope. My father was a Roman catholic and my mother a devout protestant who turned catholic when she got married. I had a very strict religious upbringing. My mother mixed her protestant background with Roman Catholic practices. I got involved in both congregations, dreaming of becoming a priest later.

Elaine’s Testimony – A lady from Namibia shares some of her experiences and revelations with God and demons

My name is Elaine and I am from Windhoek, Namibia. It was never so clear to me as it is now how the devil and his demons have been operating in my life, my children’s lifes and in my families’ lifes all these years and we never knew it. God is wonderful and I serve […]

The Child of Destiny

I used to be an orphan and was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Okoro to be their only child. For a long time, I lived a fortunate life under their care. They showed me love, and loved me with everything they had access to. I was able to receive the best toy in town, and I attended the best primary education. I brought luck into my family. My mother, the woman who adopted me and was barren for fifteen years of marriage conceived. She gave birth to a twin. Two baby boys were born. The next year, she gave birth to a baby girl. I also brought financial luck to them.

Rwandan Sees Heaven

The testimony of Emmanuel, a Rwandan man who died and by an amazing miracle was sent back by God.

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