I remember feeling the presence of God for the first time when I was just six years old. It was an incredible feeling of love and peace, but I want to save that story for later because it correlates to something that happened to me recently in my life. It’s important for me to mention this now because that moment ties into my entire testimony.

What God has done

My sister and I was born in to an Alcoholic Family so about the age of 6 years old we were already living with other people because my parents were drinking to munch and couldnt take care of us so Welfare people took my sister and I away from my parents.We went to childrens Home. lived there for six years I always envy other children for growing up in a beautifull home with there parents. while I longed for a normal life I couldnt see the Childrens home as normal.

My Journey from Egypt


“To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me.” (Acts 26:18)

I won’t go to deep into my past, but will give a basic foundation; I was born in Upstate New York, and all of my extended family is originally from that area. However, our family moved to Chicago when I was young (Northwest suburbs), and that is where I grew up.


Back when I was six-years-old, my brother and I were walking on a Frozen lake thinking that we were in a park when the ice gave way. I fell in and my brother grabbed me, and then he fell in, too. While I was saved by him, no one was able to save him. At my brother’s funeral, the priest said that the good Lord needed him, so he took him. Well, I didn’t know how to deal with so much pain, and after two weeks, I couldn’t handle my brother being gone, so I decided to go where he was and that means death.

I Wanted to Commit Suicide – Spirits Urged Me til Jesus Saved Me

Back when I was six-years-old, my brother and I were walking on a frozen lake thinking that we were in a park when the ice gave way. I fell in and my brother grabbed me, and then he fell in, too. While I was saved by him, no one was able to save him. At my brother’s funeral, the priest said that the good Lord needed him, so he took him. Well, I didn’t know how to deal with so much pain, and after two weeks, I couldn’t handle my brother being gone, so I decided to go where he was and that means death. So one day in my closet, filled with hatred towards God for taking my brother, I pulled a blanket up to my chest and pretended to be dead. I found a lot of joy and peace in this, but after the second or third time that I did that, I heard a voice that mocked God. It made me feel really good to know that I wasn’t the only one that hated God. Within a short time, I heard such mocking and such hatred toward God that I just felt like whomever this is really understands me. So I just kept getting into my pretend coffin more and more. Then one day I heard a voice say, “I love you, and I care a lot about you. God is ruthless and doesn’t care about you.” So at the age of eight, my hatred of God increased a lot. Then I started developing severe nightmares. So my parents suggested I see a priest. But my spirit friend said, “I will give you words to say, so don’t be afraid.” It was right. The priest did not know how to help me. Then one day at age seven, I went into the spirit world and had my first demonic vision. I saw myself putting an axe in my dad’s skull. But my spirit friend said, “Don’t tell anyone, because if you do, you will be locked up forever.” I then knew my friend was real, because I could hear him crystal clear. About a year later, I now had several spirit friends, and most of them I could see. But Raw was a spirit friend that scared other spirit friends, because his name was “war” spelled backwards. By now I encountered a spirit that amazed me because he was nice and he would say I love you deeply and it’s too bad God doesn’t see any value in you. Then he said can I come live inside of you, so I said yes. Than he started to tell me what I need to do to end all the pain. Several times he would say you should just kill your self because know one really cares about you. Well as time went on I started drinking a little bit here and there, and that really caused my friends to be more active. By age twelve, I decided to hate all people of color. It seemed fun and all my spirit friends really liked it. See, I wanted to please them, because the more I pleased them, the more they would say, “We love you and care about you.” By age fifteen, my severe nightmares stopped, because I became friends with a spirit called Nightmare, but my other playmate spirits were more loving. By sixteen, most friends of mine from school wanted to look at pornography, so I just pretended to like it, too, but actually I was thinking about how to kill people or myself. I considered Ted Bundy and Hitler to be very genuine men, and I knew both of them were controlled by spirits. I was introduced to the Ouija board at seventeen, and my friend said it was boring, but I heard it growl at me, and this really turned me on. So I quit being into racism, and I dived into occultism. By age eighteen, I began developing a really bad habit of taking cocaine and meth, but my spirit friends let me know that from my childhood, God had been my problem, and I was to hate those that followed Him. My friend Suicide spirit was now really starting to point out just how worthless life was and how I deserved a better life but because I wasn’t a great athlete or very attractive he would say please kill your self because God doesn’t want you and why would you try to survive through this miserable life. Well, I had gotten heavy into cursing people and things as a child, so I now began seeing things happen to those I cursed, like people getting hurt when I spoke evil against them now as an adult. At age twenty, I got heavy in to Satanism. Well because I knew I was losing my mind and I was becoming more and more evil I tried to over dose 3 different times, but sense that didn’t work I took some pills and drank a bottle of whiskey. Well I wanted to get back at some one close to me so I told a social worker that I am going to commit murder with a sledgehammer. At that moment, I was court-ordered to go into a psychiatric ward. While in there, I was diagnosed with many different mental illnesses. But that was really funny to me, because these spirits spoke through me and confused everybody.One day in another ward, I heard this real gentle voice say, “I love you, my child. Please call out to me.” But after I heard that voice, it seemed like all hell broke loose. After getting out of another rehab, I went to a friend for help, and he took me to the wealthiest tarot card reader in the state. This woman read Tarot cards even for doctors and attorneys. But while we were in her kitchen, she called my friend into the other room and said, “What in the hell are you doing? Don’t you realize the demons in him are by far more powerful than the spirits I deal with?” After that, we were ordered to leave. Well, because I was able to get the Ouija board to move around in so many ways, I started scaring all my friends. Well then my friend called Suicide said you are just as cursed as we are now God can’t accept you; you have failed at every thing in life so why you are still fighting me please end all this suffering now. So in complete desperation I was so confused about why a loser would still be alive then my friend the spirit of Suicide said I love you and I care a lot about you but God made so many mistakes about you that he is just cruel and so unloving so I decided after six rehabs and seven mental wards, I should take my life. For the first time in my life I felt so happy and I literally saw at least 5 demons that day saying we will meet again, now go through with it, so I slit my wrist with my girl friend standing over me as she put her hand tightly around mine she pulled back and blood went every where. She was getting really excited but I think I was in shock because she pulled back again and again; pretty soon we were both covered in blood. Well than she said you cant stay here they will accuse me of murder so I got in my truck with blood going every where, but I didn’t know where to go so I went and saw a friend but he said you cant stay here because I am having a party going on and if you die that would look bad. So I jumped back in my truck and drove around but then I blacked out and I found myself in an emergency room, than I blacked out again and woke up in a psychiatric ward, then I was told that I was only 2 minutes away from bleeding to death. Then I got out and found out my psychologist took his life. But I failed even at slitting my own wrist. So I just gave up all hope now, thinking ok I have no chose but to hang myself. I was dying because so many medical problems because of all the drugs and alcohol. I had no food and no money for medications because I was very sick. So I knelt down at my bed and and asked God to kill me or show me some type of happyness.Well Christ jesus came threw my cieling and wrapped his loving arms me and said me dear child Timothy,I have been waiting for you to cry out and ask for help.Than he said from this day forward you will no longer desire all the drugs and alcahol.You will no longer need your anti depressants because I am going to restore you emotionalley and mentalley.Than he said I will restore your body because you have been called to do great things for my kingdom and you will go all over telling people about my love.Well after living in several states looking for a church that could love me and accept me I ended up in Oklahoma.I have been blessed with a spirtual father and a loving church for the first time in life.For 20 years I had to fight allot on my own because I couldnt find any one to stand with me because my past was so evil.Well I ended up taking a class by a professor at Oral Roberts University called Men of Destiney.I ended up breaking all evil soul ties and getting my soul restored.Well as I was going threw with this class a dead woman appeared before me and said will you please contact my childern and my husband to let them know I am in a better place.


When my brother drowned it devasted me a great dea.At his funeral when the priest said the good lord needed him he took him.Well shortly after that I pretended to climb in a coffin to communicate or to find my brother.With in a short time I was seeing and hearing spirits.By age 14 I started to hate all diffent colored people,by 17 my spirit guide led me in to the study of witch craft.By age 20 I was in and out of psychiatric wards and rehabs.I was so heavy involved in Satanism,the occult,plus I was always high on cocain or meth.I was so badly addicted to sex and drugs that my life was falling

a dance with the Devil

Everywhere you look
you see them , bars , nightclubs , the party life it all seems to be so happy and everyone is having a good time ?

But deep beneath the surface of the alcohol
the late night strip clubs with all the glitz and glamor
and money seems to come from nowhere !

I have decided to share this story as a testimony
on how GOD change a life and take the worst situation
and create beauty for the ashes

i was in my late 20s when i fist got involved in the night clubs
i was going through a divorce , raised 3 kids and went to church


my testimony of spiritually escaping the Apostate Christian church. WARNING to other Christians, who believe their saved, may not be after all! All TV preachers are not saved and DO NOT have the spirit of truth with them! they preach a different gospel that sounds like the bible but is not. Their carnal mind mixed with holy scriptures. The bible says, that the carnal mind of man is an enemy of God. Therefore having such a mind gives Satan dominion to come as an angel of light to deceive man and his ways. I was in the Christian church for over 20 years.

Delivered from the power of witchcraft

Before I was an occultist. At the age of twelve  I practiced doing this. The only reason I come into witchcraft was through inscripting the figure of satan. Then later talking to that image. I did this because I want the power of witchcraft. 

a human monster.

What a blessed man I am.  To know God in such a special personal way after being what I was 40 years ago.  Looking back is very difficult because  It is very terrible to see what a monster in becoming.  It is more frightening than a horror story.  Only it was real.  Bottom line is that Satan and I were truly good buddies. 

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