Christian Leadership

Clearly the need of the hour is quality Christian leadership. People who lead like Jesus are in short supply today. One thing I see in Jesus is the principle of leadership by example. He always did what he sought to inculcate in his followers. Whether it was love, prayer, self-discipline, diligence, kindness, love for the Word, healing, deliverance, boldness, servanthood or faith – Jesus always showed it before he asked it of his followers. And we are called to be like Jesus in this respect.

I am not writing as someone who claims to be an outstanding leader, but as a learner on the way. God HAS placed me in leadership with regards to the television ministry he has given me, and for this ministry to grow, I need to learn more about leadership, and be the kind of man that God wants me to be. As well as that, being a husband and father I have a leadership role to play in the home. And to the extent that the definition “leadership is influence” is true God has given me some leadership in the area of Christian media. Having said that, I am conscious that there is much to learn for myself and for others as well, and perhaps as I write on this subject it will help me to focus my thoughts on this important area.

Jesus’ own teaching on leadership tells us that the truly great leader is a servant of all. He makes himself useful to others. He sacrifices his own personal preferences in order that others be blessed and helped. He is generous with time. Only the love of God can make us excel in these fields. It is as we have our own needs met by receiving God’s love that we are able to continue to live as a truly Christian leader.

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