Christian Education

As a Christian father of two beautiful young daughters, and as someone interested in God having a holy people for Himself out of this present generation, I have become interested in Christian education.

I am getting interested in this to the point that I am now in the process of switching career direction once again so that I can be more actively involved in this field.

We have a number of exciting educational projects in the wings.

If there are Christian parents out there who would like to be part of a kind of "think tank" on this issue, please contact me.

Many of our problems in western nations have arisen because Christian parents threw their babies to the "secular humanist" wolves decades ago because it cost less to do so in the short term. This has meant that today's leaders in society are secular humanists or worse. They are not disciples of Jesus Christ.

It is not enough to decry this trend. We need to take action.

I call upon Christian teachers and concerned parents to think about how to use the tools of 21st century mass media to start a counter-trend in the right direction.

This is truly a day of opportunity for those with ears to hear and eyes to see.

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