Christ Jesus wants all of your Heart

A lot of Christian’s I have come across believe that all the past in our lives have been dealt with. I have heard, ‘ It’s all under the blood’, ‘My past has been washed away’. Even Jesus said in the Bible, “No-one that put their hand to the plow and looks back[to the things behind], is fit for the Kingdom of God”.Luke 9:62.(AB) This verse though is taken out of context when Christ Jesus is really talking about leaving everything to do with the world and follow Him. If we wholeheartedly follow Jesus we won’t look back to the world, as if it had something good that we are going to miss out on. If we are turning back to the world, that tells us that the heart is divided, and not completely devoted to the Lord.

Concerning sin’s such as bitter root judgements that have lodged in the heart though it is definitely a different story. There are myriads of Christian leaders as well as lay Christian’s that fall into certain types of sin, that seem to be major stumbling block’s in their salvation walk. Many Christian’s struggle with greed, self love, sexual sins and addictions. These are major struggles for followers of Christ Jesus. What is seen as lesser issues, such as foul language, anger, gluttony or self righteousness seems to be part of things that are easily covered up but can trouble us in our walk nearly as much.
The Pharisees had sins that were not outwardly seen, they looked good on the outside, but inwardly Jesus called them “white-washed tombs”, He told them to “First cleanse the inside of the cup and dish, that the outside of them may be clean also”. Jesus called them hypocrites because inwardly they were full of extortion and self-indulgence. We in Western culture are easily able to look good on the outside, and have been bought up in a very self-indulgent, self-centred society. We especially need to be aware of this, as followers of Christ, because leaving the things of the world all together is a lot harder and we have a lot more temptations to deal with.
Jesus always confronts the heart’s issues and will walk with us through sanctification and transformation, if we let Him have our heart.

In Revelations(I encourage you to study chapter 3 verse 15-21, because it relates to what is being written here), but in verse 20, Jesus says “Behold I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears and listens to and heeds My voice and opens the door, I will come into him and will eat with him, and he [will eat] with me”(AB). While reading this verse and praying, the Lord reminded me of a vision, of when the Lord woke me up one night and asked me,”Do you want to know more of Me”, and then said, “get up and eat”.(all I could smell was my favourite food, apple pie) At the time of the vision I did not understand in my heart what he meant. I was praying more than ever at the time and my heart was a little perplexed. Three looong years later after much tribulation and trial, I reread this scripture and a light came on in my heart. Yes, Christ Jesus is in me and eating with me, but I have not truly been eating and partaking of His divine presence and eating of Him. I have sought after His presence for his help, and for others, but my own personal spirit was not being bathed in, and rejuvenated by just enjoying being with Him and learning of Him. Don’t judge me, but, it took three years for God to reach my heart and teach it something special. Our heads can reason and understand something intellectually, but our heart still is not catching it. God will deal with this through circumstances, relationships(trials and tribulation) and such to teach our hearts the truth. This is part of sanctification and transformation of the heart. God writing a lesson on our hearts.
The Lord bought me through a process, even though it was very hard, and pained Him to do it.
My heart was as a Heart of Stone, and the process to receiving a heart of flesh was not instant, it went through a process that takes time, or a season(I’m sure you can relate to a process that God has taken you through). He wants to produce His righteousness in us and rid us of our self-centredness, self-indulgence, self-righteousness. Transforming our hearts to receive His Agape Love and rid us of our phileo(self centred) love. This is a miraculous transformation into becoming like Christ Jesus, our Fathers Son.

We are not looking back, but looking forward and having the hindrances removed that have formed in us from being reared up in this self indulgent world. This requires allowing the Lord Jesus to work with strongholds, structures/patterns of thought that have been ingrained in us sometimes way before we were born again. Our heart when born again is set free from all bondage’s and sin, but the issue arises for Christian’s, when they travel through hard times(wilderness,trials..) and/or deal with strong temptations and sins. Bitterness and hardness of heart can come in and causes us to misunderstand and misrepresent God’s true heart.(It is an opportune

We have come out of, the bondage and slavery of Egypt(Born Again, new and upright spirit), we are going through the wilderness, trials and testing(Sanctification, dying to self), and walking into the Promised Land(Transformation, living the freedom and victory).
Is then, ‘the past washed away’?, is ‘it all under the blood’?, Jesus said, ‘It is finished’, death and sin have been dealt with for sure, but through all the grumbling and murmuring in the wilderness, creating idol’s, being rebellious, disobedient and stiff necked, I ask, “If we are out of Egypt, does that automatically mean Egypt is out of us?”, are the judgements against our parents, that are causing us to reap the very things we hate in adulthood, out of us. Is the fruit that we are reaping now and playing out in our lives pleasing to God. In the very area that we have dishonoured our mother and father, in that area life will not go well for us.(see, Lifes 4 Laws for biblical understanding)
I thought I had a good relationship with Christ Jesus, but He only had access to parts of my heart. The part/s of my heart that were stony and bitter were not able to eat with the Lord fully, and needed sanctifying and transforming, so that Jesus and I could have a fulfilling relationship.
I encourage you to allow the Lord Jesus to search your heart and confess to Him what you really desire in your relationship with Him. He will direct your path to a more fuller and fulfilled friendship..

Blessings and please share with your friends.

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